Heading to Yankee Stadium starting Friday, what better time to remember the “Who’s Your Daddy?” chants.

The year, 2004. Pedro Martinez was finally facing adversity, after dominating to this point in his career. The Yankees lit him up, and he proceeded to tell the world, the Yankees, were his daddy.

The chants rained down on him for the rest of the year, and at times throughout the remainder of his career. We all know Pedro got the last laugh in 2004, so that’s why this can be funny now.

David Price Update

With the Sox back in the Bronx this weekend, it seems like perfect timing that David Price, became a “daddy”.

Price was placed on the paternity list Friday, putting his Sunday night start in question. He and his wife Tiffany welcome a new baby to the world Friday. Manager Alex Cora seems to be confident, however, that Price will be able to make his scheduled start.

Price has debatably been the best starter this season. I would say he has definitely been the most consistent for sure. To lose Price in what will likely be a big game would hurt Boston.

He has a 3.86 ERA, which doesn’t look sexy, but is slightly inflated from his last couple of rough outings. His 3.40 FIP puts him in the upper echelon of American League starters, and we definitely don’t want to see David miss a big start.


At the end of the day, family first. I hope he and his family are doing well and everything went smoothly. From a baseball standpoint, it hurts if he’s out Sunday against New York. However, I don’t think anyone will be mad, as nobody can blame him for being with his wife and his newborn.

Hopefully Dad strength is a real thing, and David comes back from this stronger than ever!