Chris Sale Having a Rough Start with Run Support

Chris Sale had a great season during his first year in a Red Sox uniform. This season, though, Sale has a record of 2-1 after seven games. For some reason, the Red Sox can’t hit the baseball when Chris Sale pitches. So far he’s pitched 42 innings, allowed 31 hits, 11 runs, 51 strikeouts, and four walks according to baseball reference. He’s giving up four home runs too. His ERA currently is 2.14. He pitches well, but the Red Sox can’t seem to find the hitting they need to win games when he’s on the mound.

The Seven Starts Chris Sale Has Pitched

Through the seven starts Chris Sale has started, the batting average as a team is .159. The Red Sox have scored 36 runs in the seven starts that Chris Sale pitches. When Chris hasn’t pitched, the Red Sox have scored 118 runs. On April 22nd, the Red Sox were 11-0 when anyone other than Chris Sale or David Price pitches. The Red Sox are 7-5 when Chris Sale or David Price pitch.

Since the beginning of the season, the Red Sox are 17-0 when Chris Sale doesn’t pitch. When he does pitch the Red Sox are 4-3. That is a jaw-dropping stat for a guy that is supposed to be the ace on the team. Chris Sale needs the bats to perform when he pitches too, especially in October. Chris Sale and David Price need the run support if they really want to get past the first round in October. Last night the Red Sox made four errors when Chris Sale was pitching against the 8-22 Kansas City Royals.