In today’s NBA, every team is constantly looking for ways to improve their roster. Sometimes that means trading away a quality player in a position of surplus. The Celtics look to have four centers on their roster: Enes Kanter, Robert Williams, Vincent Poirier, and Daniel Theis. With a need for cap flexibility, and only so many minutes, someone has to go. Daniel Theis, sadly, fits this profile. Here’s why:


Size and Skillset

Daniel Theis stands at 6’8″ and has primarily provided the Celtics with solid bench scoring. Both Kanter and Poirier can also do that. The only difference is each stands two + inches taller than Theis. Unlike Robert Williams, Theis has little defensive upside on the floor. He also has had struggles rebounding (attributed to his size), while all three others are above-average rebounders. Daniel Theis seems to be getting squeezed out due to his smaller skillset in a Celtics system that favors versatility.

Contract Complications

The Celtics re-signed Daniel Theis to a two-year, $10 million contract. He is 27 years old, and will be 29 when he hits free agency. With the team hitting a youth movement, his contract is interesting. The team consists of young guys, long-term vets, and some minimum contracts. Theis has a trade friendly conract that’s easy to move, which bodes poorly for him.


Net value to gain

What Theis does have going for him is that his skillset is very valuable to a title contender. Teams like Golden State, Utah and Houston would love to have a bench scoring big man to help improve their reserves. Those teams also are willing to give up draft capital in order to acquire his services. The Celtics can get more young assets to add while getting cap flexibility. Theis gets more minutes and a chance to play for a ring. A Theis trade would be a win-win for all.