The MLB trade deadline is vastly approaching and the Boston Red Sox are one team that everybody is looking at closely. A lot of questions swirl around the Red Sox as the end of July nears. Will they sell and get rid of some of their top tier talent? Will they buy for a chance at possibly repeating as World Series champions? One thing the Red Sox desperately need is an actual Closer. Sorry Nathan Eovaldi, but I think you’re way more effective as a starter. One name that is surfacing in trade talks is San Diego Padres closer Kirby Yates. The Red Sox have been linked to him several times. With all of this being said, here are a few reasons why the Red Sox absolutely NEED Kirby Yates as their future closer.

They’d have a Closer!

This seems like a silly reason, but bare with me for a second here. The Red Sox went into this season thinking guys like Ryan Brasier or Matt Barnes could take over the closing role for Craig Kimbrel. Well, Brasier is now in Pawtucket and Barnes save opportunity ratio is…not great. Dombrowski felt great about his bullpen, and they have proven him wrong, despite what he says publicly. Yates can give you the closer security that this team has been lacking all season. Why not take a chance on a guy that actually closes for a living? As opposed to sticking a guy that is getting used to being back in the bullpen?

His numbers

Take a look at the ERA on Yates for a second. No really, take a look at the ERA. Kirby Yates is currently holding a 1.05 ERA. Any pitcher that has an ERA that is sub two is somebody that I want on my roster everyday and twice on Sundays. You cannot fake an ERA like that, whether you are in the Major Leagues, High School, or Little League. Yates also has 31 saves and 70 strikeouts on the season. So yeah, this guy is a great candidate to get as your Closer when he is actually producing.

He is an All-Star

Kirby Yates made his first career All-Star game this past season. It would almost be like trading for Drew Pomeranz when he was an All-Star, except Yates would be a lot better of a fit to the Red Sox right now. All-Stars like to play in Boston for this Red Sox organization. What’s the harm in adding one more to the fold when you have a chance to win another World Series?

This deal needs to happen and it needs to happen fast. The Red Sox could solve a lot of their closer problems by adding somebody like Kirby Yates to it. We all see the path this bullpen has gone this season and a change needs to be made. The offense is there, the defense is extremely good, and the starting pitching can be one of the best staffs in the game when everybody is lights out. Say it with me: bring Kirby Yates to Boston now!