Not many knew that Esports betting would merge into a billion-dollar industry with a current valuation of $800m with many betting companies like Bet365 esports and Betway capitalizing off the industry and offering promotions and bonuses. 

Esports was officially recognized first by South Korean in 2000 when there were not many tournaments and offered a small range of esports betting and CS: GO skin betting.

Esports betting doesn’t seem to be just the latest betting trend, it seems a big industry to stay. Many explanations why betting on eSports is so popular are possible. Secondly, eSports people who watch eSports matches want to redeem their expertise are only normal.

Esports are very dynamic, surprises are numerous and within minutes things can change. That is why eSports betting and gambling can prove competitive and lucrative, but also very thrilling. Watching a game while wagering on it can be more interesting, with most Esports games being available to watch online.

Esports games are shown online life and are usually free, making things for fans of eSports much easier. Millions of people see eSports, eSports are competitive, the game is divided into components such as maps, and other stats such as kills are registered, and it is easy to understand why eSports, like conventional sports, are very suitable for betting.

Sports Betting History

In the ’50s, Las Vegas allowed sports betting at casinos on their state, making it seem legitimate for many. The problem was that to place your wager in a casino, you had to walk into a casino or betting outlet. You’re out of luck because you had to walk into Las Vegas if you wished to place a bet.

The sportsbooks in Las Vegas conduct trillions of dollars in revenue annually, but this is only a small portion of the total US bets. The amount of gambling is much more controlled by national and offshore bookmakers illegally.

Most sporting bets have been made with local bookies in the United States for years. Books are criminal, but law enforcement is largely ignored.

You can find an online bookmaker to make your bet in almost every jurisdiction worldwide. Most nations have unfairly regulated such trades, but they never stopped taking bets. They hide in jurisdictions that make it difficult or even impossible for people all over the world to prosecute them.

The same things that make it difficult to regulate these online sportsbooks can also risk placing bets. Many online sportsbooks with solid track records and safe betting experience can be found but you can also find numerous sport betting books that are available online.

Esports Betting History

Esports is a multi-player competition between professional players or electronic sports, sometimes called cybersports. Space Invaders and Asteroids, at the time of the two most popular video games, were published in the late 1970s. This was the end of the Arcade period in the history of games. A popular game at the time was an average life span of around 4-6 months and the market was highly competitive. In 1982, pop music and Hollywood movies were combined by the arcade video game industry.

The 1980s saw more and more available for home computers and gaming consoles. At that time, the fans of video games began to cast LAN parties. Players connect to the router and switch to wires between their machines and consults and experience the multiplayer play of video games. LAN parties became very popular when Counter-Strike and Quake multiplayer shooter games were released in the late 1990s.

With the internet becoming cheaper and more accessible, players no longer have to come together in one location–they can link with their friends or other gamers, which they never really encountered via the internet, and video games have become even more popular. Players began teaming up and building professional teams to compete with others. Those games drew the crowd and the competitions came up like this. Now these activities are very busy-fans can watch it on stage or broadcast on the Internet, using Twitch and other live streaming sites, and games draw as many as 10 million people from all over the world. Some can get incredible amounts from the prize pool. The International Dota 2 Final took place on August 25, for example, and OG, the winning team, came home at $11,173,871, while the total pool was $25,532,177.

Sports fans ramp up the suspense by placing bets on their favorite teams, just as with traditional sports. There have been numerous sport betting platforms, where bettors can play with real money and skins.

Esports Betting is Huge.

The Intel Extreme Masters which took place in Katowice attracted over 45 million viewers, which was the most-watched esport event in 2017.

Esports fan originally suggested the idea of esports betting, however, bookmakers didn’t believe the industry and only thought it would offer a small section of the market, bookmakers realized that Esports will be a huge section of modern-day gambling with tens of millions of active players. 

When you look at things financially, it makes complete sense to popularise eSports gambling. Each year, even by the month, the number of viewers increased and each year the prize pools for esports most popular tournaments grew. The eSports betting industry just makes sense to expand. The Intel Extrem Masters in Katowice drew more than 45 million spectators as the most-watched eSport event in 2017.

Top eSports competitions reach millions through social media, hundreds of televisions and web channels broadcast and reviews in several languages offered. Big bookmakers saw the chance and took the opportunity quickly. This was seen as an open window by smart punters. Things changed and eSports gambling became controlled much more.

Esports betting will get easier.

Early in the early 2000s, Esports was just as niche as they came. You have been more likely, rather than a strong Counter-Strike case, to consider the Lichtenstein U18 tiddlywinks championships. That could be a little overwhelming, but it is not far away. To find a good bookmaker providing this product check out a page such as Slotsadviser that looks at gambling platforms. Many online bookmakers nowadays have a -eSports site, and it would not be easier to find lucrative marketplaces to bet.