Jimmy Garoppolo Throws a Touchdown Pass in 9ers Debut

Jimmy Garoppolo made his San Francisco 49ers debut Sunday, throwing a touchdown pass with time running out in the fourth quarter. The 49ers are starting Garoppolo on Sunday. Jimmy found out Tuesday morning according to my source. It seems like they are holding him until next season and might give him the franchise tag in 2018. I have a source that says Garoppolo is not happy San Francisco won’t pay him.

Will Garoppolo Comeback to New England in the Future?

My source also said Garoppolo doesn’t know if he would comeback to New England after Tom Brady retires. He is currently on his last year of his four year contract, worth $3,483,898 according to spotrac.com. This season he is making $434,158. It looks like the 49ers are going to franchise him next season, see how he plays, and them offer him a contract extension. If Garoppolo signs a three year deal with San Francisco, would he come back to New England afterwards? He knows the system and he has been a starter in the league for three seasons. At that point Brady would be 43 and would probably call it a great Hall of Fame Career. Even if he doesn’t Jimmy Garoppolo could still possibly come back.

Garoppolo Deserves to Start

When Garoppolo was traded, the head coach for the 49ers, Kyle Shanahan, said that there was no rush to play him.

“By no means are we trying to rush the process. I would definitely not expect it this week. We’ll look at it each week and when we feel that he’s comfortable and has a chance to go in and have a success with the time he has put in and the reps he has gotten in practice then we’ll decide that time is right.”

After C.J. Beathard got hurt, Garoppolo got his time to shine and prove that learning from Tom Brady has paid off. Garoppolo deserves to be a starter in the league, which is why he was traded.