Tom Brady’s contract ends after 2019

Tom Brady’s contract ends after the 2019 season. He has repeatedly stated that he wants to play until he’s 45 years old. He wouldn’t talk about his contract last week during minicamp, telling reporters that it was none of their business about his contract. There’s no way he will finish his career with another team, but he may be on a year to year basis with the Patriots after this season. This could be betting on the winner of the NFL future, World Series or College Football Chamionship before the season starts. He’s obviously gone above and beyond for this team and exceeded expectations. He’s coming off his sixth Super Bowl victory and looking for his seventh this upcoming season.

Brady will play until 45 years old

Brady is the best at working with less talent. He makes an average receiver a superstar on the Patriots if he and the receiver have a good connection. We’ve seen that time and time again. He’s also a great teammate and knows what’s best for himself and the team to be successful. I really don’t see him retiring after this season or next. Brady is the only player that is bigger than the team and he’s earned that title.

He wants to keep his contract private between him and the team which is a good thing. I really don’t think he’ll get a five – year deal, but maybe two or three-years. He turns 42 in August so if they come up with a three-year deal then he’ll be 45 when his contract is up. At that point who knows, he could have one or two more Super Bowls under his belt. There is no question he’s the greatest quarterback of all time based on his numbers, championship appearances, and Super Bowls. There’s no other quarterback Belichick would want to have than Tom Brady.