On the surface it may seem as if the Boston Celtics are miles ahead of the Boston Bruins. At least in terms of contending for a championship. However the gap between the two franchises is not as great as it may appear. While the Celtics have a promising young pair in Brown and Tatum, the Bruins have their own franchise player in Charlie McAvoy and plenty of young promising players. Now which franchise will be able to piece it all together first and bring another title to the city of champions?

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Boston Celtics

Let’s start with the talk of the town, the Boston Celtics.

The green won the hearts and minds of the city with their impressive 16 game win streak. They have kept that level of dominance up on way to a 24-6 record. While most people point to Kyrie Irving when mentioning the success of the Boston Celtics, the thing that makes them a championship threat is their young talent. Both of the Celtics’ number three overall picks Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have flashed excellence in different ways. Tatum has been the more impressive and consistent of the two, averaging 13.8 PPG 5.6 RPG and 1.3 APG. The most exciting thing about the small forwards game is his poise and ability to make opposing teams pay when they leave him open behind the ark.

Brown on the other hand has always been a fantastic athlete. Now he is starting to learn how to use his athleticism. Brown has the length to be an elite defender and if he can develop a more consistent outside shot could be an absolute force on the offensive end. Along with having two superstars signed in Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward and a very talented big man in Al Horford. It seems like only a matter of time before the green bring home banner number 18.

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Boston Bruins

Only a few months ago many (including myself) thought that the Bruins should tank the season. But after a couple of adversity filled months all of a sudden the black and gold are showing they will not be slept on. Somehow even with the insane amount of injuries this team suffered they have fought their way into third in the Atlantic division. On top of that the Bruins have played the least amount of games in the division. Many may be thinking that the recent run of success by the Bruins is just a fluke. But that is not the case at all; similar to the Celtics the Bruins have a great mix of veteran and young talent up and down the roster.

Everyone knows about the future star of the Boston Bruins Charlie McAvoy. His importance to this franchise cannot be stated enough. McAvoy is the key to everything how good the young defenseman becomes will determine if the Bruins are able to win their second cup this decade. On top of that the promising young forwards Bjork, Debrusk, and Pastrank provide some creativity and skill on the offensive end. While Bergeron and Marchand continue to be the best one-two punches in the NHL. With Backes providing some much-needed snarl to the lineup. Along with Tuukka Rask being a solid enough backstop out of nowhere this Bruins team is starting to demand attention. Not just for this year but for years to come.


Yes the Celtics are closer to a title and have a great future. However the Boston Bruins will win a title before the Celtics do. This is more of a reflection on the NBA then it is on the Celtics. LeBron and the Warriors have at least three more years of dominance in the NBA. While the Celtics are talented and promising they need a few more years to develop and for James to age. The Bruins on the other hand have the luxury of playing in the NHL where all you have to do is make the playoffs and you have a shot. Mark it up now your 2019 Stanley Cup Champions will be the Boston Bruins.