Want to win big on slot machines? Here are top 5 tips to help you maximize your chances of winning in any casino or online gambling sites:

Diversify your bets

Casino slot machines are programmed with codes that ensure the jackpots are given away on a rotational basis. While the probability of winning varies for different machines, every machine is bound to give out a jackpot eventually. This is why diversifying your bets on multiple slot machines is a smart idea. You should place small bets on every major game. This way, your chances of winning a jackpot increase and your winnings from one slot can compensate for the bets you placed on other machines.

Identify machines on premium spots

In order to keep the players excited and hopeful for a win, casinos often use certain loose machines that give away more jackpots than others. These slot machines are placed at premium locations like the center of the gambling arena or near the big game tables. The jackpot amount is small on these slots, but the probability of winning is higher. For every winner, more people are motivated to try their luck on various other games and slots which have less probability of winning.

If your objective is to make some money while in the casino, look for the slot machines which are giving out jackpots more frequently than others. Spend more time on these machines and use the winnings to play on other tables.

Play smaller fixed jackpot slots

There are two types of slot machines – fixed jackpot and progressive jackpot. Fixed slots have a defined jackpot, which is rolled out on a random sequencing. Progressive slots, on the other hand, increase their jackpot amount with every player who does not win it. The big money lures more people to gamble, raising the jackpot even higher. This further decreases the winning probability on such machines. Instead, start your time in the casino with fixed jackpot slots where you can get good winnings to enjoy gambling on bigger slots and tables.

Bet high the first time

In order to motivate gamblers to bet more, the casinos often give out big jackpots to serious players on their first bets. This is why gambling experts recommend placing big bets on your first game at any slot machine or table. If you win the round, bet again. If not, try your luck on another slot machine instead of betting on the same slot again and again.

However, betting high does not mean gambling all your money on 2-3 machines only. Plan your maximum spending limit and divide the amount smartly so as to maximize your chances of winning a jackpot.

Look out for casino bonuses

What would be better than free cash to try your luck at slots? Many casinos these days offer no deposit bonuses to new players. While the amount of free cash is usually small, it can be a great start if you know how to multiply it quickly. Look for free spins no deposit no wager bonuses from big top casinos UK to begin playing slots and winning big. The free no deposit bonus will be automatically credit to your online casino profile as soon as you successfully complete the signup and verification process.