Liverpool has already been eliminated earlier this year. The remaining teams are very strong, but, in the end, only one will claim the trophy. Who are you supporting? Why do you think they will win? 

Read on to find if the chances of winning your team are high or not. 

Manchester City vs. Bayern Munich – Who are the Favorites?

Manchester City has been pushed down in the favorites list by Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich. The competition is set to return in August with 12 other teams still in the league. 

Another reason why Manchester City moved down in the favorites list is that UEFA banned them from European competition for two years as they were found guilty of financial fair-play breaches. However, they are allowed to play this year’s Champion League. 

With soccer rising stars like Alphonso Davis, Bayern Munich are very likely to claim the Champions League 2020 trophy. 

In fact, Bayern hasn’t lost a single match they played in this season. They have won six out of all the six games they played. 

When it comes to Manchester City, they have won four out of six matches, with the remaining two ending as a draw. 

If you ask me to choose between Manchester City and Bayern Munich, I will always go with the latter. 

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What about Barcelona?

Barcelona has poorly lost to Liverpool and Roma in the last two seasons of Champions League, but they still have Messi, Griezmann, Suarez, Jordi Alba, and Pique. All of them are very popular names in the world of Football. 

No team can ever underestimate them. However, given their performance in the last five years (after 2015), it is difficult to say if they will win in 2020. 

As of this year’s series, they haven’t lost any of the matches they have played. They have won four out of six games, and the rest two were a draw. 

Barcelona is expected to sign new players in the coming weeks, so they are likely to go close again. However, they will still need to do something extraordinary to outdo other clubs. 

Don’t Real Madrid Have Great Players?

Yes, Real Madrid does have some big players of all time, such as Gareth Bale, Sergio Ramos, Rodrygo, and Marcelo. But, they haven’t significantly performed this Champions League season. Out of the six matches they played, they won only three, with two ending as a draw, and one lost. 

What About Juventus? 

Juventus has been performing significantly well. With Ronaldo on their side, Juventus have won five out of the six games they played. But experts predict Juventus has very little probability of winning as compared to Manchester City and Bayern Munich. 

Maybe this has to something with the better performance of other teams or because of the inconsistent form of Ronaldo. 

We will have to see how Juventus performs post the lockdown. The chances are players have been training hard at their homes, which may prove beneficial for them. 

What About Paris Saint-German?

Paris is yet another great team that hasn’t lost a single match this season. They are the third most likely team to win the Champions League 2020. With Neymar and Silva, Paris is in a great position. However, it doesn’t have to do anything with the team, but the top two teams, i.e., Bayern and Man City, have way better players. They are also aggressive in the league. 

Who is the Most Valuable Team?

Champions League Value keeps on changing each year, depending on various factors, such as the players, sponsors, and the performance of the team. The most valuable football team in the world (as of 2019) is Dallas Cowboys, with a value of $5.0 Billion. 

Dallas Cowboys is followed by New York Yankees with a worth of $4.6 Billion. 

The third most valuable team is Real Madrid, with a value of $4.24 Billion.

The fourth and fifth most valuable football teams in the world are Barcelona and New York Knicks, with a value of $4.0 Billion. 

Who is Leading in Each Group?

As of now, Paris is leading in Group A with 16 points. Other teams in Group A are Real Madrid, Club Brugge, and Galatasaray. 

In Group B, Bayern is leading with 18 points. Other teams in Group B are Tottenham, Olympiacos, and Crvena Zvezda. 

In Group C, Manchester City is leading with 14 points. Other teams in Group C are Atlanta, Shakhtar Donetsk, and Dinamo Zagreb. 

In Group D, Juventus is leading with 16 points. Other teams in Group D are Atletico Madrid, Leverkusen, and Lokomotiv Moscow. 

In Group E, Liverpool is leading with 13 points. Other teams in Group E are Napoli, Red Bull, and Genk. 

In Group F, Barcelona is leading with 14 points. Other teams in Group F are Dortmund, Inter Milan, and Slavia Praha. 

In Group G, RB Leipzig is leading with 11 points. Other teams in Group G are Lyon, Benfica, and Zenit. 

In Group H, Valencia is leading with 11 points. Other teams in Group H are Chelsea, Ajax, and Lille. 

Here’s a table that shows the odds for Champions League 2020 Trophy of each team (the numbers are taken from different sources)

Teams Odds
Manchester City 3/1
Bayern Munich 3/1
Paris Saint-German 9/2
Barcelona 7/1
Atletico Madrid 12/1
RB Leipzig 14/1
Juventus 16/1
Atlanta 20/1
Real Madrid 33/1
Napoli 80/1
Lyon 100/1
Chelsea 500/1


So, as you can see, the odds of Manchester City and Bayern Munich winning the Champions League, 2020, are very high. I think we will see a face tough between the two teams. Paris Saint-German and Barcelona are also not much behind. If they can do something extraordinary, they might as well claim the trophy. Let us know what you think about the Champions League 2020 Trophy!