In an appearance on Good Morning Football, Deshaun Watson had said he wanted to win more Super Bowls than Tom Brady. “I always put my mentality with being the best, and Tom Brady is the best right now, so whatever I have to do to get to that level at age 40, that’s what I’m going to do”. He certainly has flashed the potential to do so, throwing for 1699 yards and 19 touchdowns in seven games, but can he develop into a quarterback better than Brady and win more Super Bowls?

Reasons He Can

One of Deshaun Watson’s major strengths is his mobility. He resembles Russell Wilson with his ability to extend plays out of the pocket with his arm or with his feet. An example of this was his 49-yard rushing touchdown against the Bengals in Week 2. On this play, the Bengals rushed four and were playing a deep zone on 3rd and 15. Carlos Dunlap provided pressure which caused Deshaun Watson to tuck it and run. He used his speed to pass the Bengals linebackers and, with great awareness, took advantage of the secondary playing far back to use blocks downfield to get in the end zone.

Houston Texans v Cincinnati Bengals

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He also has an amazing ability to move the ball downfield and using the pocket to his advantage, showing little hints of Brady in him. In the Texans’ Week 8 shootout with Seattle, Watson had edge defenders closing on him quick, so he stepped up in the pocket which allowed those defenders to be blocked. He then dropped a beautiful deep bomb to a wide-open Will Fuller for a 59-yard touchdown. 

Watson has great speed, pocket presence, a big, accurate arm, and the ability to move the ball downfield. He gave the Texans offense a spark which they desperately needed. It is a shame that he got injured because the Texans’ season could have turned out differently. 

Reasons He Can’t

However, there are some concerns about this Clemson product. Watson has shown the ability to make tight accurate throws to his receivers, but his throws are risky. He often throws to his receivers surrounded by coverage. This resulted in many big plays, but was also the cause of his interceptions. He needs to enhance his ability to go through his reads and try to always find the open man instead of just his favorite targets. Tom Brady does have his go-to receivers, but he creates mismatches and opportunities for them to get open, unlike Watson.

Another concern for Watson was his ACL tear. Looking at the Tom vs. Time videos, we can learn that pliability in muscles can lead to a longer career. How else can Tom Brady play at an MVP level at 40, while his longtime rival Peyton Manning looked like a shell of himself at 39? The ACL tear could have hampered the pliability of Watson’s muscles and therefore reducing the length of his career – not good when he wants to win five Super Bowls.

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans

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The last concern is not about Watson himself, but his team. The Texans need to upgrade their offensive line and protect Watson. It will give him the time to make plays and move down the field. They should also revamp their secondary. For Watson to be successful, he needs a defense that he can rely on to stop the opposing offense from scoring points. This was evident in the losses against Kansas City and Seattle.


Thus, Watson does have the talent to be a star in the NFL. However, I do not believe that he will win as many Super Bowls as Brady. His skills still need to be honed and his injury can impact the rest of his career. There are too many factors working against Watson and the Texans’ ability to win games including the emergence of several young quarterbacks on other teams. Watson can be great, but he won’t surpass the greatest.