Winter Weekend 2018 was one for the books. The event was full of surprises for both the fans and the team. Here is a look at the incredible weekend:

Town Hall Review

Winter Weekend all started with an introduction of the 2018 team. From the shock of Andrew Benintendi’s new hair to new manager Alex Cora, everyone was smiling and cheering. Seven thousand people filled the theatre to catch a glimpse of what the players who will call Fenway their home this year. The players left and out came the owners, managers, and also a few special guests.

Red Sox Nation held back nothing when it came to bringing up the situation with J.D Martinez to Dave Dombrowski. In response he made sure to voice that winter is not over and that there are still over one hundred free agents available.

“You have to remember as a club, the number of good players that are on this team.”
-Dave Dombrowski

Town Hall Surprises 

Dombrowski expressed the fact that the Red Sox are already a strong team that can excel this season. Afterward David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez made a dazzling entrance.

Then my time to ask a question came. I became close with Tom Caron over the past year and he had a surprise up his sleeve. He shared with the theatre that I was a cancer survivor and recently had surgery, along with the fact that I was a die-hard Sox fan. Next thing I knew, I was called up onto the stage and was immediately wrapped in Big Papi’s arms. After that I proceeded to hug Alex Cora, Pedro Martinez, Sam Kennedy, Dave Dombrowski, and Tom Werner. They all shared their congratulations and best wishes. The rest of the night carried on with the two comedic special guests to light up Town Hall.


Saturday: Surprises, Autographs, and Fun 

Everyone that was present at Town Hall quickly learned about my story along with my Twitter handle. So did Andrew Benintendi, my favorite player on the team. A member of the front office gave my family and I a special pass to meet Benintendi later on that afternoon. The morning first started out with meeting Brock Holt and Luis Tiant. One half of the Flow Bros and a legend. The day then proceeded with an interview on NESN about my experience at Town Hall. The ballroom was full of activities for young and old fans. They were having a blast with current and former players attending the event received interviews from Tom Caron.

Benintendi Time

The time for one of the biggest surprises of the weekend quickly approached. We were up next to meet Andrew Benintendi and Ben Taylor. I walked up to him and he smiled while I introduced myself and told him I was the cancer survivor from Town Hall. While I was in the middle of asking if he could sign my jersey he dashed around the table to give me a huge hug. I was in complete shock, and so was my family. Andrew quickly pulled out his phone and asked for a picture. As some may know, in 2013 Benintendi’s mother battled breast cancer, so he was very aware of my situation. Throughout that time everyone yelled, “It’s Benny biceps. She did it. She met him”. It felt like I was dreaming during the whole experience. To this day I’m still in shock because it felt so unreal.

Ortiz and Pedro Are at It Again

David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez are always a hit at Town Hall. In similar fashion they stole the show again during each of their panels. The two sat on stage and cracked each other up. They are truly best friends and it also shows. Finally, we ended the day with “The Teammates for Life” panel, which featured David Ortiz, Jason Varitek, Tim Wakefield, and Pedro Martinez. They discussed the bond they have created through the organization. It was absolutely hilarious. They shared stories and laughed for an hour.

Unfortunately the evening came to an end to mark the conclusion of Winter Weekend 2018. It’s safe to say that Sox Nation are now excited for the season to begin.  

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