Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl again

The Patriots are headed to another Super Bowl for the fourth time in five years. Tom Brady is the only quarterback ever to make good receivers great in big spots. Chris Hogan and Phillip Dorsett, who have been absent all season, were great when it mattered the most. That offensive line was also exceptional in protecting Brady throughout the game. Then Brady found Edelman on those third downs in overtime to keep the drive alive, were was Edelman elite and clutch again.

Brady’s swagger is hated around the country, except for Patriot fans. He takes what people say and uses it as motivation. He even said he’s the baddest mother (bleeper) on the planet. He’s earned the right to be cocky, going to the Super Bowl for the 9th time in his career. He went to Kraft and said drafting him was the best decision this organization has ever made as soon he was drafted. Boy was Brady right.

Whether it’s 17-17 in Super Bowl XXXVI with just over a minute left, down 28-3 to the Falcons in Super Bowl LI, or the back and forth game in this years AFC Championship. There’s no other quarterback I’d rather have than Tom Brady. However, Patrick Mahomes is second. The kid has talent and will have a great career in the NFL.

Brady’s calmness with the game on the line is something you might never see again

Brady’s calmness in the pocket with the game on the line is insane. The pressure doesn’t phase him, and puts it in the guys minds to take it one play at a time. Belichick wouldn’t want to have any other quarterback than Tom Brady. Brady wouldn’t want to have any other coach than Bill Belichick.

The Patriots are the Yankees of football, and Brady is the Derek Jeter of the Patriots. If you want to say Bill Belichick is the Joe Torre of football you can. He puts a team together every year to make a run for a championship. Everybody hates them because they always find ways to win every single year. Sorry America Brady, Gronkowski, and the Patriots are still here.