How often do you watch a sports match and think Wow, this is the greatest game ever!? Not that often probably. Sometimes, the greatest games are not perceived as such during the match, but afterward, when we have an opportunity to take a look at the statistics.

You see, everything in sports nowadays is quantifiable, including things such as ball speed, player speed, number of miles run, and more. Last year, the last game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams was considered the best NFL game ever to take place during the regular season.

MLB History Was Created

However, their achievement seems invalid, as the New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins managed to give us an even better game statistics-wise, despite the fact that it is a completely different sport. 

If you read the latest baseball news, you probably saw that many sports journalists praise it as the best regular-season game ever in the history of MLB. Some dare say it is the best game ever.

The game took place on Tuesday, July 23 and it included a total of 10 innings. Moreover, scoreboard changed a total of 17 times, and six home runs took place during the game. Finally, there were 11 total hitters and 14 pitches were used. In the end, it was the Yankees who won the game with 14-12, but all baseball lovers believe it is safe to say that both teams were victorious in that game. You can watch the whole game if you have the TV connection which you can get from here.

Both Yankees and Twins gave their best. Some say it was destiny and that every single player had a lot of luck during the game. However, the majority believes it was determination, hard work, and undeniable effort to win the game that made history a couple of days ago. 

Spectacular is perhaps the best word to describe the game, as it did not only start with a couple of spectacular plays but also ended in the same manner. We still haven’t consulted the Guinness World Records books but we firmly believe some of the stats made it there.

All Players Were Heroes

Baseball is not an individual sport, so it would be unfair to name just one or two players as match heroes. In fact, all players from both teams did their best to win, and they all deserve a long round of applause. However, according to statistics, some names did pop up, and they are definitely worth remembering.

Jorge Polanco and Miguel Sano have been better than ever, but Aaron Hicks and Didi Gregorius on the other side also made their team and fans proud. In fact, Didi made some records that were previously made only by Joe DiMaggio and Lou Gehrig for the Yankees. He managed to have multiple four-hit sever-RBI games after playing the game with the Twins.

Also, another player worth mentioning is Trea Turner who has been doing pretty well after his recovery from an injury. Apart from collecting a total of 21 stolen bases, he also managed to surprise everyone on July 23. He managed to hit a home run, single, and triple, all of which happened before the fifth inning ended.

When it comes to baseball, many professional journalists and sports lovers have been reserved, believing that the sport failed to market itself well lately. However, the game between the Yankees and the Twins is a reason good enough to take baseball back on the pedestal of American sports. Games like that don’t happen often, but when they do, they create stories that are going to be remembered for generations to come.