Data analysing is considered as the next huge transformation in management and decision making. Many businesses around the world have employed this latest data technology in their operations to help them study the consistently generated data and offer better service for their customer.

Data-driven adoption has shown lots of promises and is very popular among end-use industries, and now has extends its territory into sports and exercises. As the concept continues to spread, integration with artificial intelligence and cloud becomes more streamlined, further growth is also projected in our YDSTRONG Smart EMS Training System.

With the popularity of EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) Training in Europe, it is now a wildly accepted training method for both recovery or strengthen your workout result. 20 minutes’ workout in the YDSTRONG EMS Training suit will achieve the same outcome as training with normal gear for 1 to 2 hours.

The Body-Q-Key technology (Sweat Gland Introduction Technology) send the electrical impulses that are transmitted to the body through the 24 electrodes on YDSTRONG Wireless EMS training suit, causing it to contractions. Smart EMS training suit could significantly uplift the training efficiency.

But on the other hand, personalized training plans mostly depends on the professional trainer’s opinion which might slow down your progress in this hyper-competitive exercising environment.

YDSTRONG also developed a Smart EMS system which provides you with a targeted fitness plan through advanced monitoring and analysing your own body when exercising in YDSTRONG Wireless Smart EMS Training Suit.

More than two dozen of physiological data are collected from the box and monitored by the App during each training session, such as body fat rate, skeletal muscle mass, muscle and basal metabolic rate, intensive muscle contraction measurement etc. With accurately data analysis, you can achieve your training goals easily anywhere anytime without going to the gym. If you are a professional busy at working, then it saves you a lot of time on the road to the gym.

This awesome equipment brought me a new way of working out, and I can feel the workload the system advised fitted me very well.” one of our user Mark from Iowa addressed and he emphasized, “The whole intelligent process allows me to keep in good shape and strengthen my immune system.

“We have consulted with hundreds of trainers and fitness experts to put together the base plan, and by adjusting the plans in accordance with their collected fitness data from the daily exercise routine, their bodies’ positive feedback given to our management system, let us produce and modify the customize the training plan through the mobile App.” our Data Modeling Engineer specified on a global conference.

This closed-loop data-driven workout platform works for any fitness activities. By constantly iterating, it is suitable for anyone who wants to be physically active and wants to achieve excellent results in a short time.

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