MLB Trade deadline is expected to end on 30th July 2021. This shows that the clubs are likely to trade Craig Kimbrel before the deadline. 

The Red Sox team has Matt Barnes, and two outstanding closers would not be a bad thing. This team even took care of Matt Barnes’s contract extension. 

According to MLB Network, Heyman suggested that Kimbrel has the potential to return to Boston. This is because he will be demanded because of having a great market. 

In addition, the management intended to sell. So, any team, including the Red Sox, will be in the race to get Craig Kimbrel: and this shows that his market demand will be huge. 

The good thing is, there is an excellent closer to get Craig Kimbrel – the Red Sox. If he will have two closers, this means Craig is in great shape, which becomes Milwaukee’s advantage. An added benefit is that they also have two excellent relievers: Devin Williams and Josh Hader. 

Current Craig Kimbrel Status 

It is obvious now that the Red Sox need the services of Craig Kimbrel for the upcoming MLB Trade Deadline. According to Jed Hoyer, the Baseball Operations president said that the team has to close the deal before July 30. This will stand out as the most prominent Chicago’s trade chip. 

In baseball history, Kimbrel has reemerged as an elite bullpen arms this season. He has added his resume to become among the best relievers.

Craig Kimbrel contract

Jul 20, 2021; St. Louis, Missouri, USA; Chicago Cubs relief pitcher Craig Kimbrel (46) pitches during the ninth inning against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

In this season, Craig Kimberly owed $16 million with a $1 million buyout for the season. Most likely, the Cubs can aim at paying a significant portion of the remaining deal. That will significantly increase the value of the return package. 

Moreover, contending teams will have to blow up their phones in regards to Kimbrel’s availability.  That doesn’t make him the most sought-after asset, but he could be termed as the best in the entire league. 

This will also without a doubt increase the bet odds of the team that will end up with him. Find more betting options at Olybet.

MLB Rumors for Cubs’ Craig Kimbrel 

It is expected that one of the anticipated clubs to inquire about Craig Kimbrel’s services is his former team. There is no doubt that Craig Kimbrel will provide late-inning dominance along with Adam Ottavino and Matt Barnes. These have been significant and frequently used in finishing games. 

Wherever he will end up, that will depend on the contract the Clubs can take. That’s because Chicago has stockpiled young arms while Boston has some prospects fitting the clubs’ needs. 


There is a high chance that Craig Kimbrel will be joining his former team, the Red Sox. It will be a great boost to the team. But that has to depend on whether the Sox will agree to the contract.