Author: @B_Murph1021

The Patriots quest for an undefeated season

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?! These are the words that Patriots fans and football fans around the world long to hear every off-season leading up to week 1. The Patriots are coming off a super-bowl championship and a historic comeback against the Atlanta Falcons and are looking to repeat with an even better roster coming into this season. With some major additions to this team such as Cooks, Ealy, Burkhead, and Gilmore, and the return of Malcolm Butler and Dont’a Hightower, this season has the potential to be a very special one. Being a HUGE Patriots fan I...

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    Who’s Next To Wear Green? Gordon Hayward, Anthony Davis, Carmelo Anthony, Paul George, Jimmy butler, the list goes on and on of potential, “could be” next Boston Celtics super star.  As the 2017 NBA off-season winds down we are starting to see the new Celtics roster take shape and we are left with some feelings that we get every year of, “what could have been” if different moves had been made. From the addition of Gordon Hayward to the subtraction of beloved Avery Bradley, let’s take a look and recap what has been one of the busiest/craziest...

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Why Celtics Nation Should Trade for Kyrie

With reports running wild out of Cleveland about the possibility of a Kyrie trade,  Celtics fans need to ask themselves just one question. “Do we have a chance?” Conflicting reports continue.  The C’s and Cavs have stayed in touch about the possibility of a deal between the two clubs involving Kyrie and multiple Celtics assets. If these reports pan out and a trade does happen, then this would be HUGE for the Celtics now, and going forward in the future. Consider some of the reasons why I feel like the trade would make the Celtics a better team in...

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  Dear Tommy (or should I call you GOAT), In the year 2000 at the NFL Draft a certain name would be called out loud that would become embedded into the brains of Patriot fans and NFL fans around the world. “With the 199th pick in the NFL draft, the New England Patriots select, Tom Brady, Quarterback from the University of Michigan.”  No one knew that this announcement would change the NFL and is storied history forever. Bledsoe down, Brady up I will never forget the year 2001.   In the seventh grade, I watched the Patriots play the...

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Eck vs. Price: Feuding at 30,000 feet

Just when Red Sox nation thought we could never have a clubhouse fiasco worse than chicken and beer, we now have Eck vs. Price. As silly as it sounds, this little feud between the beloved commentator and often irritated pitcher turned into a side show at the worst time of the season……  A PLAYOFF RACE! For the fans around baseball not familiar with this ridiculous incident that could easily disrupted a club house during a playoff race and derail them from contention, here’s a little rundown of the circus that was Eck v. Price. It all started when… All...

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Twitter: @B_Murph1021 Where is the X-Man? As our Red Sox start to gain momentum and head into the last leg of the season with a full head of steam we have one important thing missing.   And that thing isn’t A THING at all — our starting short stop, Xander Bogaerts. To say that Xander is struggling recently would be a complete understatement, as one of our most talented players has COMPLETELY fallen off the face of the earth. Let’s take a look at what Xander hasn’t done recently and why he needs to take a turn for the...

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