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J.D. Martinez Officially Signs with the Red Sox

We Finally Got Martinez We got him! Finally, after TEN MILLION YEARS of waiting we landed a deal with J.D. Martinez. I have to be honest, I wish I was more excited about this. The guy took FOREVER to sign. So at this point, instead of being hyped up about this signing, I’m just like “Oh, okay. I expected to hear that eventually.” It’s almost like being a kid finding presents your parents got you somewhere in the attic just before Christmas. So the next morning you act all surprised and excited when deep down inside you’re just like “Yeah,...

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Eduardo Nunez Is a Safe Sign

Eduardo Nunez Is a Safe Sign This whole offseason we have been waiting for the day when JD or our “Plan B” Logan Morrison signs. We seemed to forget about a free agent who’s a familiar face and can be a HUGE help for the club. Yeah, that Eduardo Nunez guy, that’s who I’m talking about. Nunez and the Sox reportedly have signed a one-year deal with a second year option. The 30 year-old infielder is back, and to be honest I would be fine with Eduardo if we don’t get either Martinez or Morrison. Nunez came to Boston...

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Darvish Signs, What Does This Mean for MLB?

Finally. Another big name comes off the free agent board as Yu Darvish pens a six-year $126M deal with the Chicago Cubs. The deal comes with an opt-out clause in 2019 and the deal will go through his age 36 year. Darvish had been drawing interest from teams such as the Twins, Dodgers, Yankees, Astros, and the Brewers. He is coming off a season having posted a 3.86 ERA, 209 punch outs and ending with a 10-12 record (career worst). He was still considered the top pitcher in the free agent market ahead of Jake Arrieta. This comes despite performances in...

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Designated Hitters Are People Too

Designated Hitters Are People Too Listen, the designated hitter position in baseball is just as important as any other position on a roster. The position was adopted in the American League in 1973 after many years of debate on whether to allow a position player to hit for the pitcher in the batting lineup. The DH role in baseball has molded the careers of many great hitters such as “The Big Hurt” Frank Thomas, Travis Hafner, Paul Moliter, and Harold Baines. Of the “elite” players in the DH role we have Boston’s own David Ortiz, one of the most...

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What if JD Doesn’t Sign with Boston?

Holding Until Spring Training It’s the end of January. The MLB offseason is reaching its end and the Boston Red Sox haven’t made any notable moves besides the return of Moreland. The Sox are the front runners in the JD Martinez sweepstakes and he has yet to sign. The five year $100 million dollar deal the Sox offered has been on hold. The Scott Boras client even went on to say he would hold out until Spring Training to accept an offer. That’s flat out ridiculous, and this should make every Red Sox fan annoyed. The more I think of...

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Hosmer and JD Still Don’t Have Homes

Three Weeks ‘Til Pitchers and Catchers Report Put yourselves in the shoes of JD Martinez. You have been presented with an offer by the Red Sox for a whopping five years, $125 million. Not many teams have shown that much interest in JD, but he was given an offer he and Boras shouldn’t refuse. Now you’re in the mind of Eric Hosmer. You have two seven year deals awaiting you. The Padres offering seven years for $140 million, and Kansas City is matching their offer but for $147 million. Life is looking pretty good right? The only issue with...

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