Author: Joshua Berube

Are Sports Players Becoming Depressed?

Surprisingly, there are many professional athletes who are suffering from depression. Anyone can be affected by this condition regardless of fame or fortune. One in five people suffer from depression at some time in their lives and athletes are no exception. In recent years we have seen various cases in various high-performance sports in the world; the latest is the British cricketer Michael Yardy, captain of the Sussex County Cricket Club, who retired from his world of specialties, arguing that he was very depressed.Some reasons can influence that this condition occurs in the life of an athlete; For example:...

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10 Most Popular Car Championships

What car championships do you know? And what do you know about the autosport world? Naturally, most of you will recall Formula 1 racing first. These are the most popular races in the world. But F1 isn’t the only competition where great car racers and engineers find out who is better. All over the world, there are many other types of car championships that are not inferior to Formula 1 in terms of spectacularity and drama. We have gathered the most important races in the world here for you. Formula 1 Held since 1950. Naturally, we will start with...

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Sports Betting And Horse Race Betting: How Do They Differ?

The debate still continues to buzz within the sports industry of what is really the difference between horse race betting and sports betting. The horse racing is the only kind of sports where the superstars are thoroughbred horses whereas most of the sports betting evolving around the gambling industry are mostly attended by humans. Despite the fact that these two sports are composed of different players and rules, the betting and wagering process brings the same fulfillment to all punters which are mostly a fan of sports. While sports like soccer, football, and basketball comes in a two or...

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History of the formation of the English Premier League

The English Premier League is a soccer tournament for British professional male clubs. This is the highest-level football tournament in England’s football league system, and it is the main tournament in the UK competition system. Nowadays, the Premier League is the most watched football league in the world. It is broadcast in 212 countries and territories. It received the attention of 643 million households and around 4.7 billion television viewers. Some information about The English Premier League The English Premier League is a football tournament for 20 men’s football clubs. These 20 clubs will compete for two rounds to select the champion team and 2 relegation teams. Each team will play 38 games and there are 380 matches in a season. The football season starts in August and ends in May every year. Most matches take place on Saturday and Sunday afternoon; Some matches take place on the evening of mid-week days. The English Premier League is a soccer tournament for British professional male clubs. This tournament was founded on February 20, 1992 with the original name of FA Premier League. Clubs attend Football League First Division established the English Premier League after they split from the Football League (a tournament that began in 1888). They established this football tournament to take advantage of television licensing agreements. A domestic deal worth £ 1 billion per year has been signed...

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The Best Dating Destinations for Sports Lovers in Boston

You’re a diehard Boston sports fan and you found a date that enjoys at least one of the teams that you are crazy about. How do the two of you celebrate this wild occurrence? Well, you head out to the destinations that are just made for sports lovers on a date around the city. Using this list of great places to go for sporting dates, you’ll always have a way to have new adventures! Any of the Sports Venues for the Professional Teams This one might seem kind of self-explanatory, but a lot of couples out there do not...

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What are Sports and Safety Surfaces? – Amazing Pitches and Surfaces

Actually using softball pitching mats that is an ideal way to replicate the mound and then support players develop and then enhance their skills on off season and then recommended by sports pros for players for all ages. Actually serve like the effective coaching tools for teaching pitches as well as doing drills. They are made from high quality spike resistant and durable artificial turf and built to meet regulation standards. If you want some high standard playing areas so then you can easily get the tips and guidelines right here and to click site. Always ensure the safety...

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Celtics Must See TV – 2017-2018 Schedule Breakdown

Now that the on-again, off-again trade finally has closure, and another preseason is among us, the Boston Celtics have yet another new look.   It makes one ponder some of the upcoming dates on the schedule. Which games are must-see TV for Celtics fans? Let’s take a look of what’s to come, shall we? Celtics Must See TV Embed from Getty Images October 17th @ Cleveland on TNT – 8:00 PM Could the season get off to a better start? The Celtics start against the Cavaliers, last year’s Eastern Conference Finals match-up. Coincidentally, these two teams completed a blockbuster deal...

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What a Difference a Year Makes – Drew Pomeranz

The Trade Last July, the Boston Red Sox acquired Drew Pomeranz from the San Diego Padres for prospect Anderson Espinoza. Some expressed concern about giving away a highly touted prospect in Espinoza, who compared to Pedro Martinez.   The Red Sox sorely wanted one last push to make the playoffs with their elder statesman David Ortiz in his final season. Embed from Getty Images   At the time of the trade, he brought an 8-7 record, with a 2.47 ERA, a 1.06 Whip, an impressive .184 Opp BA and averaging 10 strikeouts per nine innings. Last year that made...

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