As you play baseball during the summer months, remember to care for your baseball glove, either for your team or recreationally. In terms of baseball glove care tips, there isn’t anything too specialized; instead, there are just some common suggestions.

Here are those common tips for baseball glove care listed and explained in greater detail for your benefit. Even though these suggestions are simple to follow, they will help immensely lengthen your gloves’ life span and perform at their best.

Also, remember that the tips mentioned below are just a few you can follow for proper glove care. You might know many others, and some of those might work better than the ones here.

5 Best Baseball Glove Care Tips

Natural Break In

The best tip for better baseball glove care should be to properly break in your glove. Most baseball gloves will need to be broken in before you can take them to the field. In general, breaking in a baseball glove isn’t as complicated as some think.

However, there are some steps you need to follow accurately to break in your glove naturally and not damage it. Some might say that you need to play with the glove to break it in, but that isn’t enough sometimes.

The first care tip will be to thoroughly break it in for the best performance with your best outfield baseball glove. Once you have accomplished this step, all the other tips mentioned below will have a bigger impact.

Clean It Regularly

Even though you have broken in your glove, it doesn’t mean that you can keep using it over a long period. It is a good baseball glove care tip to regularly clean your baseball glove inside and outside.

Since baseball is a sport that involves a lot of dives and slides to catch, your glove will definitely get dirty. Thus you should make a habit of cleaning your glove after every game or every other game.

Use Conditioners or Oils

Once you have cleaned your baseball glove, the next glove tip you should follow is using a baseball conditioner or oils on it. When breaking in your glove, you might have used some oils, but using it after cleaning it is also recommended.

By using conditioners and oils, we ensure the integrity of the gloves and keep their performance at its peak for much longer. If you use glove conditioners, remember that letting your glove dry is a crucial part of the process. The same is true once you clean your glove.

Shape and Reshape Your Gloves

Both conditioning and cleaning your glove might lead your glove to lose the shape that you had after breaking it in. Therefore you will need to reshape it back to the shape your desired. The process for shaping a baseball is as simple as a break in a glove.

When it comes to baseball glove care tips shaping a glove isn’t as important as the others, but it does have importance. If you are looking for any cheap alternative, you could use some shaving cream, but that’s an ineffective option.

Repair When Needed

The final baseball glove tip you should follow while you care is to make repairs whenever needed. For those wearing a pro-level expensive glove, this is an essential tip that mustn’t be ignored.

The primary type of repair you can do by yourself will be to relace your baseball glove when your glove laces wear out. You will need some essential glove lacing tools for relacing, but they are super cheap, so no worries.


Aside from the five tips we mentioned for baseball glove care, there might be hundreds of others just as important. However, if you follow the abovementioned ones, you should be more than happy with your glove’s performance.

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