The Celtics-Sixers feud is starting to heat up

The teams faced off against each other four times in the regular season, and again in the Eastern Conference finals. Things got heated, and each game they played became must-see television. Joel Embiid got in a scuffle with Terry Rozier, and also had an altercation with Marcus Morris during the series. He’s been very vocal about his desire to beat the Celtics, and now Ben Simmons has joined the fray.

The Quote

Simmons said during an interview, “We’ve got to get past Boston, those are the guys at the top right now. Beating them, that’s our next goal. Obviously getting further than the second round and winning the Eastern Conference Finals and then moving on to the Finals.”

Via CBS Sports

What It Means

It’s clear that he and the Sixers know who the alpha dog is in the East. Including both the playoffs and regular season, the Celtics were 7-2 against Philadelphia last season. Interestingly, of the three playoff series Boston played, the Sixers were the only team not to take it the full seven games. They have a ways to go to become serious threats to the team.

However, they certainly have the potential to do so. Simmons isn’t even close to his prime yet, and Embiid is just entering his. If Markelle Fultz finally lives up to his number one pick, this team could have the firepower to challenge Boston. Now that Simmons has publicly identified beating the Celtics as the Sixers’ goal, they’re going to be ready to meet the challenge.

Via NBC Sports

It won’t take long to see if Philly can back up their young star’s words. The two teams meet on opening night in the TD Garden. They’ll also see each other again on Christmas Day. Be prepared to grab the popcorn – this rivalry is only getting started.