The rest of the NFL has been just waiting for the Patriots’ dynasty to finally fall. It has come to the point where any news about them has been dramaticized greatly by the media.

There has been a numerous amounts of drama circling Bill Belichick on his decision to bench Malcolm Butler and his relationships with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Both have not attended the voluntary workouts the Patriots’ held.

Parcells’ thoughts?

Bill Parcells, one of the greatest coaches of all time and someone who has worked with Belichick, said his thoughts on the topic to the Athletic.

“I don’t pay any attention to that. Nobody knows what’s what exactly. You are just hearing gossip and conjecture and opinion. I don’t put much stock in that. Having been in a position myself as a head coach, a lot of things are said about an organization, the coaching staff and the owner. Some of the things are just flat out not true. Yet they get out and they get publicized because they make good headlines. The only thing you got to do is watch the product on the field. When the season starts, all this offseason stuff, it doesn’t mean anything. Nothing.” (Via USA Today)

He also mentioned his thoughts on the Patriots’ team, saying that they will be just fine in 2018.


Parcells’ words are logical and will ultimately turn out to be the truth. By season come, none of these rumors will have any value, and this New England team WILL be back in the playoffs.