Brad Stevens has been named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month. According the, “The fifth-year Celtics coach guided his squad to a league-best 19-4 record during the first month and a half of the 2017-18 season, despite dealing with a plethora of unexpected obstacles”.

Some notes:

  • Brad and the team overcame the Gordon Hayward injury (so far).
  • They added 10 new players during the offseason.
  • The team’s margin of Victory is 7 point per game (
  • The team’s opponents points per game is first in the league (
  • Brad and the Celtics produced a 16 game win streak.

To top it all off, Wednesday (11/29) was the first time that the Celtics made it into their Waltham practices facility in over a month ( That makes this accomplishment even more impressive. Brad coached through film, during games, on buses, on visitor practices courts – but without dedicated time at home. In my opinion, that makes his revisions and iterations even more unique.

Congratulations, Brad and the Celtics.