The NBA is joining the rapidly growing world of eSports

Back in February of this year the NBA announced that they are partnering with Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. to launch a professional competitive gaming league that will showcase some of the best basketball gamers in the world. Coined as the NBA 2K League, it will display NBA-branded teams from across the United States. Eventually the league hopes to branch out world-wide like other prominent eSports leagues.

A few months later the NBA released that seventeen teams will create 2K League affiliates for its inaugural season. The Boston Celtics will represent the league as they switch platforms to the gaming world.

The Celtics revealed their new 2K League affiliate, CLTX Gaming, yesterday afternoon. CLTX Gaming advertises themselves as a new team of pro basketball troops for a new league in Bean Town. They will keep the same green and white color scheme and will have Lucky the Lepracauhn as their logo like the real Celtics. Their team’s website states that they wish to incorporate the Boston tradition into their brand:

“Gaming is our heart; Boston is our soul. Each season, our players will represent the sports mecca of New England. CLTX Gaming is committed to building the infrastructure to support our team’s competitive edge, behind the scenes content to share with our passionate fans, and regional events to connect gamers to the competitive world of NBA 2K.”

2K League Logistics

NBA 2K18 gamers 18 and older will be eligible to try out for the 2K League in early 2018. Due to the competitive nature of the league, players must win at least 50 games in 2K18’s Pro-Am mode. Those who prove themselves will be invited to league tryouts, and from there the top players will be entered into the 2018 2K League Draft. Each team will select five players who will compete together all season. The league will release more information in the coming weeks.

Back in February Managing Director Brendan Donohue showed his excitement for the league, saying, “Our teams have expressed tremendous enthusiasm for eSports, and we are looking forward to forming something truly unique for basketball and gaming fans around the globe”.

CLTX Gaming will be exciting to watch as the NBA attempts to bring basketball to the electronic stage.