It came as a surprise to many when the Bruins released a statement that Charlie McAvoy underwent surgery to fix an irregular heartbeat. The Bruins were first notified about the issue after the Bruins game on November 26th. McAvoy informed team doctors that he experienced heart palpitations during the game. The Bruins’ official statement reads:

“Subsequently he underwent an evaluation, which diagnosed him with a supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). The type of SVT Charlie has is not considered to be dangerous to his health but can recur at any time and causes significant symptoms”.

McAvoy decided to have the surgery to correct the issue due to the likeliness of it reoccurring in the future. The twenty year old Calder candidate will stay overnight at Mass General and by all accounts should be back to good health quickly.

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Luckily for McAvoy and the Bruins the problem was taken care of early enough. With the recent tear the Bruins are on it is a punch to the gut. But with the All-Star break just around the corner McAvoy should not be out of the lineup for to many games. The surgery is taking place in late January signals that it cannot be too serious of an issue since it was originally reported in November. However it’s never a good sign when a professional athlete has a heart issue.

Losing McAvoy for a short amount of time will not derail the red-hot Bruins. However it is certainly something to keep an eye on going forward. The key to the next decade for the Bruins is the twenty year old defenseman. So lets hope this was a one time problem. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for McAvoy.


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