David Price at It Again

David Price continues to give the media something to talk about. Ever since he’s gotten here he’s done nothing but complain about being in Boston and the fans. David Price once again made news this week after being asked if he’d pitch in the All-Star game. His response was “I’ll come up with something if I am an All-Star that I won’t have to pitch. I’ll play a lot of Fortnite the night before.”

What a response that is, but typical coming from him. When he was diagnosed with carpal tunnel in May it was reported that playing Fortnite was the cause of it. Price did say he would stop playing Fortnite at the ballpark because it became a distraction.

Playing Fortnite Is More Important Than Pitching

Last night the allergies must’ve kicked in as he didn’t pitch that great. Maybe he played Fortnite in his hotel the night before so his hand hurt. He’s making $31 million dollars a season. Price’s latest comments prove his childish behavior, and also that he’s upset his video game got taken away from him at the ballpark. So he says he’ll play before the All-Star game so he doesn’t have to pitch.

What a loser. He doesn’t deserve to be in the All-Star Game anyway. Price also said he wasn’t an All-Star, saying “I ain’t going. I’m not an All-Star. Craig Kimbrel is gonna get his, I didn’t vote for Craig because he’s Craig Kimbrel, he’s going to get his votes. I voted for Joe Kelly and Matt Barnes. Actually, I did vote for Craig. Joe, Barnes, and Craig. Craig doesn’t need votes. His name is going to get him in.”

Price doesn’t belong pitching on the Red Sox, period. He belongs on the Tampa Bay Rays again or some other bad team that doesn’t care about winning. He’d rather go home to his two dogs, family, his mother-in-law, and play video games than pitch on a big league team with high expectations. He’s nothing but a complete loser.