Dez Bryant in a Patriots Uniform?

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (right) talks with receiver Dez Bryant (88) before an NFL game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, Sunday, November 15, 2015. The Buccaneers defeated the Cowboys, 10-6. (James D. Smith via AP)Dez Bryant is about to be released by the Dallas Cowboys. With Brandin Cooks gone and the lack of a deep threat, should the Patriots try to sign Dez Bryant? Overall, Dez Bryant has scored 73 touchdowns in his career. Bryant could be the missing piece the Patriots need to fill the whole of Brandin Cooks. New England comes into this season without Danny Amendola and Brandin Cooks. Cooks wasn’t really productive when he was here, but the hole Danny Amendola is leaving is big. Especially in the playoffs. Jordan Matthews has some big shoes to fill to replace Danny Amendola.

Dez Bryant Has Similarities to Randy Moss

Via Caleb RandallDez Bryant is your Randy Moss type of receiver regarding his personality. Randy Moss, though, was much worse in Oakland than Bryant is with the Cowboys. Bryant can really have the chance to win in New England and be productive in the Patriot offense. It will be a big loss for Dallas, but he deserves a chance at being on a winning team. Dallas is good; they just seem to be missing pieces like leadership.

As for the Patriots, Julian Edelman is coming back from an ACL injury. Rob Gronkowski has a hard time staying on the field. As for Jordan Matthews, he played in ten games last season and had one touchdown. Bryant played in 16 games last season and scored six touchdowns. If Edelman, Gronkowski, or Matthews gets hurt, at least Brady will have someone decent to throw too.

Today Bryant will meet with Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones to discuss his future with the Cowboys. Let’s see how this plays out. If he gets released, the Patriots should be all in on him. Who knows, he could be a legit player for the Patriots for a few years beyond this one too.