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It seems there’s no escaping poor news as like Groundhog Day history continues to repeat itself. Recent announcements have shown some smaller events may be cancelled and even earlier this year with the dismissal of reports that parts of the ’21 and ’22 season could be cancelled. With the new variant spreading fast, much of the uncertainty could be returning once again, so whilst there is no announcement of potential change on the horizon it may be worth preparing  for the worst – but what are the best alternatives to be found if there is any expected downtime in the near future?

Other big events look to be moving ahead

For those looking to fill the time, bigger events like the Olympics look to be moving forward without any issue. Whilst things like fan attendance don’t look to be possible for international visitors, it will certainly be a big and interesting event to captivate attentions for a little while yet. News is starting to pour in of athletes not willing to attend, and also those who have been skirting the rules with testing too, this could lead to some interesting upsets and some uncertainty for a number of Olympic games but does more to bring in attention too. 

Gaming continues to take off too

It also comes as no surprise that different forms of online gaming continue to remain amongst the most popular forms of entertainment for those unable to watch their favourite sporting events. The biggest over the past eighteen months has come from different betting options that the market has to offer, with different regulations around online wagering it has become a bit of a hotspot. Online casinos like these listed on this casino review from casimba, as a whole have been seeing a huge amount of change in this period of time, and so the markets that have managed to remain the same pull in huge player numbers and will continue to do so.

Other sporting options still full steam ahead

It’s not just the Olympics that are moving forward, popular motorsports like the F1 still have a long season to go despite some countries cancelling races, and the Euro 2020 event currently underway has shown that European football shows no sign of slowing down either. So, if you’re keen on keeping some entertainment on your mind then there are plenty of options overseas where vaccination rates are high enough to see packed stadiums and no disruptions once more.

There’s still a long way to go for the year and plenty of chance for change to come through, many of these events that are still set to move forward could change in an instant particularly with the latest doom and gloom around new variants. However, there are plenty of entertainment options to see you through in the downtime and through potential cancellations too, so keep your eyes peeled and look out for the news, and you might be able to get ahead of the bad news and find something else to captivate your interest in the meantime.