The Director of Tom vs. Time Speaks

Via FacebookGotham Chopra, the director of Tom vs. Time, appeared on FS1’s Undisputed yesterday. The six episode series went in depth of behind the scenes footage of Brady’s football life and Brady’s personal life. It went from the first episode, with Brady talking about football and his family’s sacrifice, to the sixth episode where he became introspective. Chopra talked about filming and getting Tom to do this documentary:

“Last season, about a year ago right now offseason, Tom, I think in large part because he was hearing that chatter, like this can happen at 40 years old. Nobody continues to perform at this level. Plus, the prior season, the comeback against the Falcons, the stuff with his mom off the field, the suspension, all of that, there was drama. And I think Tom sort of thought, OK, let’s try this. So it was supposed to be an offseason thing. It became a full season because Tom got hip to storytelling. And if you’re going to set it up, you might as well pay it off. And so we kept on rolling.”

Afterwards, Chopra talked about the tension between Brady and Belichick. He said he was not allowed in the locker room, which was understandable.

“All the stuff around the team and all of the politics, look, I think Tom’s been doing this and coach was doing this for 18 years. I would also say I didn’t have any interaction with the coaching staff. I was never once in the locker room. We were very, very conscious of that and mindful of that. So Tom had to do his stuff up in the– halfway through the season, he had to start doing it up in his suite. So we did.”

Gotham Chopra Spoke About Brady’s Relationship with the Team

Via WEEIChorpa even talked about Tom’s relationship with Jimmy Garoppolo, saying,

“I’m just saying I think Tom likes Jimmy. He’s happy for him now on the 49ers. But yeah, I don’t disagree with you. Competitively, this is my job. And until you take it away from me, you’re not getting it, until you earn it. Well, I feel better if you’re not here, so that way– I want to fight. But if you’re not here, I won’t have to fight as hard.  Look, I also think Tom is a pretty unique case. I’m biased, but this guy has established himself. And he’s so confident in his process, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, the way he’s able to calibrate all these things. And I don’t think he feels particularly threatened by anyone.”

Tom Brady isn’t going to retire this season, but if he does after next season what a slap in the face to Belichick that would be.