Oh Robbie. Robbie, Robbie, Robbie.

Why? Why wreck a perfectly crappy early Spring Sunday with this announcement? Why?

Let me start with two sentiments. Thank you and Good Luck.

You have been a mainstay in this dynasty for a decade-ish and the Patriots (and the NFL) have been better with you in their lives. You are a stud. You are a freak of nature. You (gulp) “were” the man. Except for Tom ‘Effin’ Brady, you have been the best thing this franchise has seen since Stanley the Steamer or Hog Hannah. We will miss you. You are beloved. You are part of this history…and always will be.

I could delve into some of your career highlights. Why bother? The nerds at the Globe and Herald are already deep in to film and past articles that we will all enjoy in the coming days. They got this. Rather, I want to reminisce about the insane physical specimen from a Buffalo, NY family that was clearly created in some muscle-bound laboratory of Polish insanity that produced more pro athletes than well….other Buffalo families? Sorry, I am a little verklempt right now just an hour from reading this news. I could carry on. I could opine about the affinity Patriots Nation had for your sophomoric approach to football and life. I could wax poetic about the the childish spirit you played every down. I could say a lot. But, lets just leave it with this; thank you, sir.

You were a always beacon of light for Patriots fans.

You were always fun to watch each and every Sunday.

You left football a better place than where it was when you found it.

Onward and upward my man. Thank you.

P.S. Already bought ticket to Wrestlemania 2020….predicting you may be there.