After a successful premiere of the “Do Your Job Part III: Bill Belichick and the 2018 Patriots” documentary on Wednesday, HBO announces that there is still one more documentary it wants to offer to the global audience who have been a fan of the NFL for a while now.

According to HBO, the documentary named “Belichick and Saban: The art of Coaching” will premiere on December 10th, 2019 after this year’s season has reached its peak. Should the Patriots be successful in their attempt to gain victory, it will be like icing on the cake when the documentary finally airs.

The new documentary could also become widely popular in Australia, considering how many Aussies were subscribed to the network in order to fuel their gaming habits while watching the channels’ most popular show, the Game of Thrones. Almost every brand new Aussie casino in the country was trying to cater to demand from the public for listing the HBO show as an option. At one point, the government had to intervene.

It’s good news that there will be nothing to bet on with this documentary though, as it will be the story of two legendary coaches going through life and speaking about the hardships, challenges, and successes of leading a coaching career in a sport like American Football.

HBO also promises a one-of-a-kind to peek behind the history of the Patriots. Conversations during the training, the relationships of players with their coaches and the overall impact that one man-made on a team of now professional athletes competing in one of the biggest sports known to mankind.

However, most of the screen time will be dedicated to Belichick and Saban relationship, opinions and takes on the current state of affairs in the modern generation of Football players.

Fans will most likely get insights from decades-long professionals and information about details they have never paid attention to before.