The 37 year old infielder becomes an asset in multiple ways after being called up on Sunday night.

As Announced Tuesday afternoon, Brandon Phillips will be the first Red Sox player to don the number 0. He has finally got his shot at the major leagues for the first time this season. He claimed the last spot on the 40 man roster. His last major league game was on September 30, 2017 as a member of the Los Angeles Angels. Against the Oakland Athletics, he went 1-4 with a strikeout. While tearing it up in AAA Pawtucket, what does he bring to the table?

His career numbers show it all. During his 15 year career, he collected 2,026 hits, 210 home runs, 949 runs batted in, with a career .275 batting average. With the hopes of a contract next year as well, pending on his performance he might just get one.

In Pawtucket, he sported a .302 batting average with 4 home runs, 19 runs batted in, with 1 stolen base and 45 hits.  During his 38 games with the club. He has been showing us all along that he still has the offensive pop in his bat, and the speed underneath his feet to help move this Red Sox offense along.

While having great experience from his major league career, he can share his words of wisdom to the younger core of infielders this team has. Rafael Devers, Ian Kinsler, Brock Holt, Eduardo Nunez, and even Dustin Pedroia can learn a thing or two from Brandon Phillips.

Devers can especially get some inside knowledge of his throwing hiccups. While learning how to overcome these difficulties at such a young age. Pedroia can learn about dealing with consistent injuries. As we all know, Phillips had dealt with several injuries throughout his career as well. He is still playing at a high level at age 37.

His Versatility.

He has played at almost any position in the infield. He knows what each position demands, physically and mentally. His presence has made a nightmare scenario for most teams even worse. It will be interesting to note if he is used as a rest guy for now. As a 162 game season requires the need for a rest day here and there. The toll is heavy.

He comes up the same day Devers is taken off the dl. How will Alex Cora manage this? He said that he is very excited to have a veteran guy like him around. It will be fun to watch moving forward.

While he may be in action as soon as the first game against the Atlanta Braves Tuesday night, it remains to be seen how he will preform in his comeback. As one could only speculate the emotions tied to his first performance back to where he hit his stardom, and became a household name.