The Messi effect is one that has impacted people worldwide. Whether it be attracting crowds, inspiring children, or jersey sales, people can’t seem to get enough of the Argentinian phenom. There’s a reason why Lionel is very often, and rightly so, involved in the talk to be the greatest football player in the world.

Messi’s Reputation is Worldwide 

Messi has spent his entire career in Barcelona, but he is still world renown. He has led the world in jersey sales the last few years and is followed everywhere. No matter where he plays, a crowd will follow at the sound of his name. A big example of this was in 2016 at Gillette Stadium, a place that barely averages 20,000 spectators for MLS games. In 2016, Argentina played Venuzuala and sold 59,183 tickets. Being in attendance myself, the commotion every time Messi touched the ball was absurd. People rose out of their seats when he took a corner. Messi is just one player on a team, but it doesn’t take an expert to know he is the centerpiece.

There have been borderline riots over people who have been mistaken as Lionel Messi. In 2017, a 25 year old student in Pakistan was detained for disturbing the public because he looked like the star. Who could forget the 6 year old boy who gained fame after making a makeshift Argentina jersey out of a plastic bag? Lionel went on to walk out onto the pitch with the 6 year old during a friendly in Qatar.


Lionel Messi has turned himself and his team into a tourist attraction. In fact, some people claim Messi ruined the atmosphere of Barcelona games by turning Camp Nou from a football stadium into a tourist attraction.

The coversation about Messi cannot be had without mention of his undeniable rain of success. He has notched nine league championships, six Spanish cups, five Ballon d’Or, and many more championships. His claim to fame is much deserved. There’s a reason why Messi is the highest paid athlete in the world, earning $84,000,000 a year. The fact that Messi started off in Barcelona’s academy team and has been a member of the Barcelona squad his whole career is just icing on the cake.