The Boston Celtics have performed way beyond expectations in these playoffs. Without Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving they have been able to beat good teams. Everyone said they would lose to the Bucks. Well, the Celtics beat them in seven games. They said the same about the 76ers. That series only lasted five games. With these injuries, other players had to step up their games, and one player in particular has really ramped up his play. Terry Rozier has become somewhat of a legend in Boston, averaging an impressive 17.4 PPG and 5.6 PPG. This could be an opening for a new point guard in Boston. Here is why it may be a good idea to trade Kyrie Irving:

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Credit: USA Today


Kyrie Irving does not have a respectable track record when it comes to health. Irving has never played more than 75 games in a season in his career. In four out of seven seasons, including 2017-2018 with the Celtics, he didn’t play more than 60 games. He has many injuries over the years, including the knee surgery he’s currently dealing with. Type in to Google “Kyrie Irving Injuries” and you’ll find a long list of injury problems he’s had since 2013.

On the other hand, Terry Rozier has only had two injuries in his three-year career. These injuries were minor and he only missed one game for each. On top of all of that, he is two years younger than Kyrie.


Irving signed five-year, $94.3 million deal with the Cavaliers in 2015. After next season, Kyrie has a player option, so there is a great chance he could leave. The worst thing to happen would be for the Celtics to not get any value from Kyrie before he becomes a free agent. Also, it would cost a lot of cap space to lock him up with an extension, because, well, Kyrie Irving is Kyrie Irving.

The Celtics have Terry Rozier locked up for next season, plus he has a qualifying offer for the season after. He is much less of cap hit, for his AAV (adjusted annual value) is $16 million less than Kyrie.


Do you know the phrase “strike while the iron is hot”? Well, that iron is burning hot in terms of a Kyrie Irving trade. If Irving had played all 82 games, he most definitely would’ve been a contender for the MVP award. Irving put up great numbers this season, averaging 24.4 PPG on 49.1 FG% and 40.8 FG3%. Also, Irving is only 25 years old. With his trade value, you could get almost anyone, including Anthony Davis or Kawhi Leonard. That would make the Celtics instant championship contenders, especially if LeBron James leaves the Eastern Conference.

Maybe Terry Rozier is the future point guard of the Boston Celtics. Perhaps it’s time to trade Kyrie Irving.