Scroll through to view all the potential picks in this latest Patriots mock.

Round 1

TJ Hockenson football team picture. 32nd in mock.

32nd overall- T.J Hockenson, TE (Iowa)

Round 2

Deebo Samuel class picture. 56th in mock.

56th overall- Deebo Samuel, WR (South Carolina)

Andy Isabella class picture. 64th in mock.

64th overall- Andy Isabella, WR (Massachusetts)

Round 3

Dre'Mont Jones football team picture. 73rd in mock.

73rd overall- Dre’Mont Jones, DT (Ohio State)

Tytus Howard at NFL Combine. 97th in mock.

97th overall- Tytus Howard, OT (Alabama State)

Will Grier football team picture. 101st in mock.

101st overall- Will Grier, QB (West Virginia)

Round 4

Sutton Smith football team picture. 134th in mock.

134th overall- Sutton Smith, DE (Northern Illinois)

Round 6

Lukas Denis class picture. 205th in mock.

205th overall- Lukas Denis, S (Boston College)

Round 7

Tre Lamar class picture. 239th in mock.

239th overall- Tre Lamar, LB (Clemson)

Khalil Hodge football team picture. 243rd in mock.

243rd overall- Khalil Hodge, LB (Buffalo)

Penny Hart class picture. 246th in mock.

246th overall- Penny Hart, WR (Georgia State)

Alex Barnes class picture. 252nd in mock.

252nd overall- Alex Barnes, RB (Kansas State)

To see the full mock click here. The computer made the picks for the other teams, I only picked for the Patriots. I do not agree with some of the picks the computer made and will be releasing my own full mock soon.

The likelihood that all these players fall into the Patriots hands are somewhat slim but not unrealistic.

Many might point to T.J Hockenson and say he will be long gone before the 32nd pick. Actually, Hockenson by no fault of his own, might slide down draft boards just due to free agent signings and teams having bigger needs than tight end. Despite Hockenson’s unreal potential, teams will not so much pass him up but will more pass up the tight end position all together.

That being said, if Hockenson is gone before the 32nd pick, the Patriots will most likely have a choice between Noah Fanta and Irv Smith. Both tight ends are also tremendous, however, Hockenson remains my favorite tight end prospect in a long time.

Please click on Dre’Mont Jones and TJ Hockenson’s names to see the already written scouting reports on them.

Analysis for the other draft picks are on the way and will be coming soon as the draft is roughly a month away.