As per the reports, Neymar- Paris Saint Germain (PSG) star has recently snubbed Barcelona and shown interest in moving to Premier League giants Manchester United on a 230 Million Euros. The superstar revealed that he is disappointed at the Barca’s since they are not interested in him anymore.

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Neymar seems to be of the opinion that the Catalans could have done something in trying to sign him, but they did not make any attempts during the summer. Now that they didn’t show any interest in him, he is no longer willing to switch back to them.

Though Barca was the club that the superstar had in mind, Real Madrid seemed to be very keen on sign him a dream that did not come true. This could have been as a result of the two clubs failing to make any notable progress in settling the deal with the Paris Saint Germain. Eventually, the star had to settle in Paris.

Recent reports have yet revealed that premier league giants, Manchester United have come into consensus to not only pay a huge transfer fee but also pay the superstar an annual salary of upwards of 50 million euros. See, a lot of buzz on media platforms that surfaced a while back reveals that Neymar heart is not in the PSG. The reason might be the fact that fans have not accepted him well this time around.

In addition, there seem to be multiple issues that aggravate the situation. One of such issues is disciplinary matters plus persistent bouts of injury. He has yet been reported to have pleaded with the club president Nasser Al Khelaifi to let him switch back to Spain.

Nonetheless, reports have yet revealed that Neymar will stay on the Ligue 1 club for another one year after which he is expected to make his move to the premier side.


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