The National Hockey League is perhaps the most unpredictable tournament on the planet. During such a long tournament, all forecasts are failing all the time, the standings are changing in a matter of a couple of weeks, and the recognized favorites become outsiders. Thanks to the betting online – 1xBet, we remember the fantastic story of the previous season, when St. Louis was at the bottom of the table at the beginning of the year, and already in summer brought the Stanley Cup to Missouri.

Prior to this, Vegas made a similar leap forward when it reached the finals of the tournament in its debut season. And there are a lot of such examples. At the end of the month of competition, hockey experts and the betting online website 1xBet chose several teams that can repeat the success of the Notes. First of all, this is not about unconditional favoritism in the struggle for the main trophy, but about the possibility of succeeding at the right time, when the rivals don’t expect this. These teams are:

  1. New Jersey.

The NHL fans will definitely be surprised at the appearance of the Devils on this list. But the surprise was built on the team’s game last season, but the transfer strategy in summer made it possible for the club to acquire many promising players. We dare to assume that the first part of the season will be devoted to establishing of teamwork and to search of playing new schemes, and then the league will see the full power of the team, and the fans will enjoy the results, as well as fans of other sports at

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The presence of other teams on the list is not surprising. A couple of years ago the Black hawks were the main force in the NHL, and it is quite natural that after high-profile victories, the team experienced a slight decline. The club needed a reboot, after which they can again fight for the top places. The results of the team on sports bet testify to the gradual comeback of the club to its usual positions.

The Wild Ducks are a proven playoff participant as they are able to knock out the favorites even at crucial stages. But they still have to get there, and now the club is still far from the coveted zone. The density in the division’s standing is so high that several consecutive successful matches will fix the team in the playoff zone, while the defeat will considerable push them back.

As for 76, they are currently occupying the safe 8th place. Balancing on the verge is very dangerous, so they need to give out a winning streak to go up the standings, otherwise the forecasts of the experts for sports bets on will be in vain.