New England Patriot fans should not panic over the loss to Jacksonville. Every year the Patriots seem to have a hiccup or two in September, and every year people are in panic mode. 2018 has started the same way three particular seasons have started, but ended in February.

No need to panic

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Patriots Start Slow and Finish Strong

Let’s look back to September 7th 2014 against Miami. In Week 1 the Dolphins took it to the Patriots, holding the offense to zero points in the second half. New England dropped the first game of the season 33-20 to start 0-1. After that first game people were concerned, it wasn’t until Week 4 until panic set in throughout New England.

Monday night football against the Chiefs was a complete nightmare for fans, and a celebration across the country that the dynasty was finally over. New England was embarrassed on national TV, losing 41-14 leaving them 2-2 to start the season. Bill Belichick’s famous line, “we are on to Cincinnati” was repeated to every postgame question. Panic had set in by this point, all for nothing. New England didn’t panic. They went to Cincinnati and dismantled the Bengals 43-17. As the season went on the Patriots only lost two games after that, ending 12-4 to go on to win their first Super Bowl in ten years.

Two Years Later No Need to Panic Again Right?

In 2016 the Patriots got shut out at home 16-0 by the Buffalo Bills, again a bad loss in the first four games. Unlike 2014 the panic wasn’t as high, but there was concern. Just as it happened in 2014, New England started with an early loss, yet they only dropped one other game, ending the season 14-2. With a great playoff run, Patriots fans were once again in panic mode during the Super Bowl. Down 28-3 with just minutes left in the 3rd quarter, once again this team showed why they shouldn’t be doubted and how they Never panic. Another nail-biting situation, the Patriots went on to make the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history beating Atlanta in overtime.

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Last year Patriots fans were in shock, more panic than ever

2017 started out with some reconstruction to the stadium, making room for a fifth banner. Fan’s were in a state of euphoria, as the Patriots had just won two Super Bowls in three years. Opening night had arrived, the circus was in town like Bill Belichick has said about banner games since 2001. Something else had arrived that night at Gillette, the Kansas City Chiefs. After all the fireworks and celebration, New England came out looking confused on defense. History was about to repeat itself once more in 2017. Kansas City embarrassed the Patriots on national TV again, beating the defending champs 42-27.

Again New England started the season 0-1, but it got worse as the defense couldn’t figure it out for the first four weeks, losing in Week 4 to the Carolina Panthers 33-30. Another 2-2 start to the season led fans to start getting worried again, just like usual the Patriots only lost one other game that year. Ending the season 13-3 and getting back to the Super Bowl again. Only this time the Patriots didn’t win the final game of the year, but it just goes to show, this is just what happens with the Patriots. They start off a little slow, not showing all their cards, still figuring things out. So should fans be worried about starting 2018 1-1? No, the answer is written in history. Especially this season with so much turnover from last year.

New England is going to take the first four games to figure everything out like they have been for years. September is an extension of the preseason for the Patriots to try different things, while they might start off slow fans should know by now they always finish strong. New England is on to Detroit after a familiar September loss, with a new WR and rookie RB Sony Michel. I’m here to say to anyone who is worried. Look at the recent timeline of events, there is no need to panic.