Don’t Panic, It’s Only August

Dont Panic! It's time for the Jimmy Fund Telethon

The recent Red Sox 3 game loss has caused panic, as the team has not experienced such a streak since April 21-24. There is still a little over 5 weeks left of regular season baseball. The Red Sox will face 10 teams to round out the season, 2 coming against the rival New York Yankees. Starting ace, Chris Sale, will soon be off of the DL and into the pitching rotation.

The Red Sox have a strong group of defensive players. Both the infield and the outfield provide support for the pitchers on a daily basis. Playing the Cleveland Indians allows the team to get a closer look at a potential postseason matchup. It’s only 3 games, and the MLB regular season consists of 162. luckily for the Red Sox, the first half of the season was one for the books. In recent interviews, members of the team appear hopeful and ready to move on.

The Red Sox Still Have the Best Record in the Majors

Although the past 3 losses have concerned many, the Sox still hold a 88-39 record with an 8 game lead over the New York Yankees. The Yankees are the only team that come close to the Red Sox in the AL Eastern Division. The team leads the division in RBI’s, batting average, runs scored, OPS, and SLG. The Cleveland Indians are the most recent Red Sox opponents, and they have earned the title of one of the most competitive teams in the MLB. Playing the Indians also means facing off with past manager, Terry Francona. Such a matchup presents a possible advantage for the Indians. It only makes sense that they would give the Sox a hard time.