Dear Isaiah,

This letter is long overdue for two very different reasons. But first I would like to say, as a fan, that I could not be happier for you and how your recovery has progressed. I watched the game against the Trailblazers and you looked like your of self out there. It brought me back to watching you in Boston, and I got a bit sad.

Boston will always appreciate what you did for our team. After our big three disbanded, we went through a rough patch. Although Boston fans are loyal to a fault, it can still be difficult to sit through a game if your team is losing. Then you came along I.T, and you revitalized us. You made the game fun to watch, putting on a show night after night. It would be a sin to forget all the sacrifices you made for us, like playing through your hip injury and the loss of your sister. When I initially found out about the trade, I almost cried. I felt like we betrayed you somehow, and I couldn’t fathom it. But I tried to look at the bright side, for you in particular. You were now a member of the Cavs, a solid contender in the East.

I will say that after a while, myself and Boston fans alike had to look at the bright side for ourselves. We got Kyrie Irving out of the deal! How could we stay mad at Danny Ainge, the mastermind that took Jayson Tatum instead of Markelle Fultz in the draft? My point is, everyone benefited from this deal, as painful as it was. I know it sucks to get that call when you and the fam have already settled in. Though, as a Boston fan who loves her Celtics, I can’t take any more of the public shaming of the organization. Your frustration with Danny is understandable, but you know that the world of professional sports is a business. And I won’t get into the hip controversy because it’s too much. There are three sides to this story: yours, Danny’s and the truth— whatever that may be.

I want you to know that you have touched the hearts of all of us in Boston. We appreciate the passion you gave us and the toughness you displayed on regular basis. Thank you for putting us first when you shouldn’t have; we would’ve had your back regardless. But also remember what we gave you while you were in Boston. We won’t forget if you don’t!


A Loyal Celtics Fan AND I.T. Fan