Started the Season with an Upset

Clearly Opening Day didn’t end the way Red Sox Nation had hoped it to. Playing Tampa Bay was supposed to be an easy win. The Sox were doing great up until the 8th inning. Tampa Bay had the bases loaded and only one out. Sox Nation’s worst nightmare was coming into fruition. The Tampa Bay Rays had a chance to win the game after trailing 4-0 all day.

The Bullpen

Sale Day is always taken very seriously with the Red Sox, and he certainly proved why he was the Opening Day pitcher. He wasn’t perfect, as he showed some rustiness on the mound. He pitched six scoreless innings with nine strikeouts. Matt Barnes replaced Sale first. He had a quick appearance but held off any runs. Then possibly the biggest disappointment happened. Joe Kelly was on the mound, allowing Matt Duffy to hit and RBI double to cut the Sox lead 4-1. Carson Smith was the final pitcher for the Sox, he struck out one batter, providing a little bit of hope. Denard Span, Tampa Bays left fielder, drove in three players, causing Tampa to tie the game. Allowing Hechavarria to bring in Span, and unfortunately win the game.

Eduardo Nuñez

He re-signed with the Red Sox organization at the beginning of Spring Training. Nuñez had to prove to the organization that he is still a good addition to the team. In the top of the second inning, Eduardo Nuñez hit a two run homer in a picture perfect way. The play went straight out to center field where Kiermaier and Span both dove for the ball, but the ball went right past them. Nuñez ran the bases in a speedy 15.87 seconds. Pregame polls showed that fans thought either Mookie or J.D. Martinez would hit the first home run of the season. No one expected it to be Nuñez. But with Pedroia still on the DL, Nuñez holds the potential and ability that the Sox need.

Opening Day Is Only Game One

Luckily we have today to look forward to. It was Alex Cora’s first game as a manager. The loss is not his fault. It’s baseball. Some lose and some win. The next eight games are split between Tampa and Miami. Two teams that should be easy to beat. Fenway Opening Day is under a week away, and the Sox can finally play at home. Then there are the games we’ve been waiting for. NYY vs. BOSTON. Giancarlo Stanton vs. J.D. Martinez. Arguably, the biggest rivalry in MLB. It’s only game one of the season, and there’s plenty of wins and records to look forward to.


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