Patriots team captains announced

The Patriots have announced their team captains. Tom Brady has made the list along with David Andrews, Matthew Slater, James White, Patrick Chung, and Devin McCourty. One name that did not make the list was Rob Gronkowski and people are asking why not Gronkowski? Because of the things he pulled in the offseason. Now you can say Brady did that too but not to the extreme Gronk did. Gronk held a press conference talking about dirt bikes while OTA’s were going on. Brady was training and enjoying time with his family. Also, Brady has earned the right to be all about himself after the career he’s had, he’s the first person on the field he’s a captain because of the career and success he’s had on and off the field.

Brady has been a captain since 2002

James White is also deserving of being a captain. He’s a big part of that offense and I’m sure will have an impact especially with Edelman out the first month. Devin McCourty has always been a leader on and off the field. Matthew Slater seems like he’s always a team player and get the players fired up. He doesn’t get much playing time but his presence in the locker room is somewhat what drives the team.

Patrick Chung is well deserving of team captain as well. He brings talent to the defensive side of the ball which is somewhat weak but having him back there helps. David Andrews has always been Tom Brady’s go to as a center. Andrews was also a team captain last season. Dont’a Hightower, and Duron Harmon are no longer team captains for this season as well as Gronkowski. The speculation on whether or not Belichick wanted Brady as a captain is a waste of time to talk about. If Brady wasn’t a captain people would be calling out Belichick, now Brady is a captain people think Brady and Gronkowski should be captain together. Really a no-win situation, In my opinion, the captains are fine the way it is and Brady deserves it.