As football season fast approaches, so does fantasy season. For the Patriots, their fantasy options seem a little more scattered than everyone is used to. The departure of Gronkowski and suspension of Watson leaves a gap in the position. Injuries also bring with them questions on who will be ready to go by the team’s first game. When it comes to picking up a Patriot for your fantasy roster, great consideration must be taken. 

Best picks

Julian Edelman

Heading into this season, Edelman will surely be the receiver with the most catches and fantasy points for the Patriots. Currently he is out with a thumb injury and is expected to miss most of camp. Edelman being out is not much of a concern when it comes to him being on the field week one. Expect him to not only be back, but back to solidify his Super Bowl 53 MVP title.

In both PPR and Standard fantasy leagues, Edleman is a solid choice and will contribute great numbers each week. Chances are he will remain available through the entirety of the first round and second, but if you’re trying to establish a strong wide receiver duo, plan accordingly.

James White

The Patriots did a good job of utilizing White and Michel in the back field last season. White will be participating in camp and with the possibility of Michel’s injury impacting the start of his season, White will obviously share more of the RB responsibility. 

While there are other running backs that will be snatched before White, he is a great second back to keep in mind. Last season he had 87 receptions for 751 yards, and 94 rush attempts for 425 yards. He maintains solid numbers that will surely contribute to any good RB duo.

Tom Brady 

There is not much to be explained here. Brady is consistent, and that is why he has six Super Bowl rings. The man’s numbers are not always top of the fantasy leaderboard, but he is reliable in almost any game and for many rosters this season, that is enough. 


N’Keal Harry

Grabbing a rookie early is (almost) always a nerve-racking move. Harry’s film doesn’t lie, the kid is bound for great things in New England. However, given that this is the former Sun Devil’s first year in the league, fantasy-wise, you should not put all your eggs in this basket.

Drafting Harry as your second WR or someone to rotate in is the better choice. Being behind Edelman, he is surely not going to be Brady’s favorite target from the jump. Give the kid some time to adjust to the league, and the points may start to reel their way in. 

Sony Michel

Most know by now that Michel is out on PUP for what looks like most of training camp, if not more. Michel had a breakout rookie season rotating in with White, which makes him a quality second back. If he comes back from injury in top shape, he could be a good guy to have on your team.

What might be the threat to Michel’s RB-2 status in fantasy and on the Patriots roster may not be an injury, however, it may be the guy up next.

Damien Harris

The Patriots third-round 2019 draft pick is a solid back from Alabama. Harris is undoubtedly using Michel’s injury as an opportunity to try and snag that RB-2 spot. Michel missing from camp might be the chance for Harris to show Belichick and McDaniels what he can do.

This also creates an opportunity for Harris to show fantasy drafters what he can do. It seems unlikely at the moment that Harris is going to replace Michel under any circumstance, but then again, anything is possible in the NFL. Harris is a kid to keep your eye on this training camp because he might just surprise you.

Other guys to keep in mind

Benjamin Watson

With the departure of Gronkowski, the tight end spot blew wide open. Veteran Ben Watson came out of his brief retirement to sign with a team newly in need of some big-man help. The pros of a veteran tight end is the experience, but the cons is the wear and tear on the body.

Watson is a risky take because he will be serving a four game suspension to start the season for a substance violation. It seems likely that he will be utilized when he is back, but the question becomes how much and how often?

Phillip Dorsett

A reliable guy, but by no means Brady’s favorite target, Dorsett might be a late round guy to think about. Dorsett has come up clutch in many situations and proven a solid man in the WR-3 spot. If you’re looking for a receiver to keep around on your bench, he might be a good choice. 

Matt LaCosse

With Watson’s suspension to start the season, tight end Matt LaCosse might slip into the first spot on the roster. He’s 26, played on a few different teams, but has not seen the results that Patriots fans would hope for in a starting guy.

The upside to LaCosse is that he is joining one of the most solidified offenses in the game. If he can learn the system well, connect with Brady but be the big man up front when needed, he might find his place in New England. He is not a guy to fight for, just someone to think about in the later rounds of your draft.