AWS Certified Developer – Associate is an industry recognized certification that has a huge potential to grow an individual’s career. The credential is designed to validate the technical skills and expertise of a candidate. To earn this Amazon certificate, the students are required to go through the exam process. The test is aimed at those who have the skills and knowledge needed to perform in a development role and who possess at least one-year hands-on experience in the development and maintenance of an AWS-based application. The certification validates that the applicants have demonstrated a good understanding of core AWS services. It also certifies that one has proficiency in the deployment, development, and debugging of Cloud-based applications with the use of Amazon AWS Certified Developer – Associate.

Overview of Required Knowledge for Certification

AWS Certified Developer – Associate validates the ability of candidates to design and maintain the AWS applications. The credential is designed for the software developers with a minimum of one-year experience in designing and maintaining an application on the AWS platform. There are some specific skills and knowledge that the students pursuing this Amazon certificate are required to have before they can be awarded it. The individuals must have an in-depth knowledge of a minimum of one high-level programming language. They are also required to have a good understanding of core AWS services, their uses, as well as fundamental AWS architecture best practices. A high level of proficiency in debugging the Cloud-based apps with the use of AWS is also a strong requirement.

The applicants must also be able to utilize the AWS service APIs, SDKs, and AWS CLI to write an application. They should also possess the ability to identify core features of AWS services. The candidates must also be able to understand the AWS shared responsibility model and application lifecycle management. To pursue the Amazon AWS Certified Developer – Associate certificate, one must also have the ability to utilize the CI/CD pipeline to implement apps on AWS. Additionally, they should be able to use and interact with AWS services, apply basic understanding of the Cloud native applications to write code, and code using the AWS security best practices, such as not utilizing secret and access keys in code but applying the IAM roles. The examinees must be able to author, debug, and maintain code models on AWS, as well as possess proficiency in a writing code for the server-less applications. In addition, the test takers should have a good understanding of the usage of containers in the design process.

Highlights of Certification Exam

To earn Amazon AWS Certified Developer – Associate, the candidates are required to pass the certification exam. There are different ways to prepare for the test but the best preparation method is to have hands-on experience. It is recommended that the students have at least one year of experience with AWS before attempting the exam. PrepAway also offers many resources that will equip the applicants for success. You might want to go through the website to review all the tools available for your exam preparation.

The Amazon AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification exam is made up of multiple- choice questions. The time duration allotted to the completion of the test is 130 minutes, and the examinees have the opportunity to take it in English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. The exam fee is $150. However, you should check the certification page to be sure that the price is the same as what is applicable to your country.

Top Reasons to Get Certification

Businesses use AWS Cloud computing solutions for different needs. This includes big data analytics and storage, web and application hosting, custom projects in budding IT areas, such as IoT, disaster recovery and backup, etc. Those companies that have integrated AWS solutions successfully understand the benefits associated with them, including cost savings, tighter security, increased efficiency, easier scalability, and greater speed. Apart from the benefits that come to the organizations, there are also many advantages that accrue to the specialists withthe Amazon AWS Certified Developer –Associate certification.

The certificate validates the professionals’ knowledge and skills in the paramount Cloud computing platform. It also guarantees an increased salary potential as the certification is one of the best paying Information Technology credentials across the world. With AWS Certified Developer – Associate, you can expect to be called for more interviews for the position of a Cloud specialist, and of course, a higher salary when hired. This Amazon certification is industry recognized and respected. By earning the certificate, you demonstrate your credibility and commitment to the Cloud computing career path, which is something that the employers are looking for. It also offers access to a wide network of the AWS-thought leaders and like-minded professionals.

Certification Lifecycle and Recertification

Those candidates who pass the certification exam will be awarded the AWS Certified Developer – Associate credential. It is crucial to know that the certificate has a lifecycle and must be renewed to maintain its validity. This Amazon certification is valid for a period of two years, after which the students are expected to recertify. This is a short lifecycle, especially when compared to some other IT certificates. However, the industry is fast-paced, and Amazon is regularly adding services and new features to AWS in order to stay ahead of the fast evolving and growing Cloud market. The recertification process involves either taking the test of your current certification level at a reduced cost or advancing to a higher level in the AWS certification program.


The Amazon AWS Certified Developer – Associate credential is worth the investment you made, including finances and time. To ensure you have achieved your desired goal at your first attempt of the exam, it is recommended that you go through the study resources and be well equipped for the test. You should also go through the PrepAway website to explore the prep tools available to increase your success potential at the certification exam.