Both Brian Flores and Josh McDaniels have generated interest from multiple teams to be their head coach. The Broncos, Browns, Packers, and Dolphins have requested to interview Flores for their head coaching positions, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. In addition, the Packers and Dolphins have requested to interview Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, Schefter reported.

The Backstories

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McDaniels has been with the Patriots for all 5 of their championships as some form of assistant, coach, or coordinator. He took a head coaching job in 2009 and spent two seasons with the Denver Broncos. After an incident, he was fired and was eventually named the Rams offensive coordinator in 2011, before returning back to the Patriots. McDaniels was originally going to take the Colts head coaching job last year, but had backed out of it last minute. He is currently the highest paid offensive coordinator.

Flores has also been with the Patriots as some form of assistant, coach, or coordinator since 2004. This year, he has taken over the Patriots’ play-calling duties on the defensive side.


Can you sense the pattern? The Patriots find and promote their coaches from within for the most part. So, with this in mind, who is next up after McDaniels and Flores?

Chad O’Shea, Wide Receivers Coach

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O’Shea has been with the team for nine seasons, and it seems like the Patriots have been planning for him to move up the ladder at some point. Last year, he called plays in the preseason as it looked like teams might go after McDaniels. Belichick has high praise for his abilities as a coach and mentor.

“Chad’s an excellent teacher (and) a very good fundamental coach,” Belichick said recently. “He has a good relationship with his players, has a good relationship with all of the staff members and is easy to work with…He comes from a football background — of course, his dad, Mike O’Shea, is one of the great trainers in his profession of all time…Chad’s done a really good job for us.” (BSJ 2019)

O’Shea is the most obvious candidate for the offensive coordinator job if McDaniels leaves.

Options for Defensive Coordinator

The choice for the next man up for the defense is not clear. Outside of Flores, the longest-tenured defensive coach with 10 seasons with the team is cornerbacks coach, Josh Boyer, if the front office goes on seniority. Obviously, Steve Belichick, the safeties coach, is an option too. However, Bill Belichick could also go without naming a defensive coordinator for the season to maybe allow the defensive staff to develop more, if that is what he sees fit.

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Now, those were all internal options. Externally, it is hard to pinpoint who exactly the Patriots would go after. One option is Greg Schiano, who is the defensive coordinator for Ohio State. It is reported that he and Bill Belichick have a good relationship, and that he was wooed by the Patriots in early 2018 before deciding to remain at Ohio State (NBCSports 2018).