Rob Gronkowski might retire at the end of the season

Rob Gronkowski hasn’t had a very productive season for the Patriots this year. He was triple covered at the beginning of the season when he was playing, or he’s always out of games because of injury. His contract is incentive based and if he doesn’t get guaranteed money he could retire at the end of the season. Gronkowski threatened to retire after the Patriots almost traded him to the Detroit Lions and before that after the Super Bowl. Seems like he’s always injured lately and one more big hit from a serious injury. The Patriots with Gronkowski and without Gronkowski in the lineup though is interesting.

Gronkowski’s stats with him in games versus  him not in games

According to the Boston Globe. In the 35 games, he’s missed in the last 7 seasons playoffs included the numbers don’t fall off much. Since the start of the 2012 season when he suffered his first significant injury the pats are 67 and 19 with him in the lineup. They are 26-9 without him in the lineup. They have scored 30.5 points per game with him and 27.8 points without him. They made two Super Bowls with him but also won without him in 2016. Since the 2016 season, the pats are 14-2 without Gronkowski including 11-0 in 2016. This year they are 2-1 and averaging 34 points per game without him.

Brady will convince him to stay

Now the Patriots only put up ten points against the Tennesse Titans. They could’ve used Gronk on Sunday even just for blocking. Gronkowski should retire at the end of the season if he continues to be forced onto the sidelines. He also has slowed down significantly since 2011.  The only quarterback he’ll play with is Tom Brady.  So he’s either going to hang it up which is what I think he’ll do or Brady will convince him to stay.