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Cristiano Ronaldo is fifth player to reach 400 but has his sights set higher.

  1. Bican: 578
  2. Puskas: 514
  3. McGrory: 410
  4. Seeler: 406
  5. Ronaldo: 400

Breakdown of goals in his career 


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When he first broke through in Portugal with Sporting he notched 3 goals in Primeira Liga. In a friendly game versus Man United the legend of Cristiano Ronaldo was about to begin as Sir Alex Ferguson saw the potential of the young Portuguese player.


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He then moved on to England with Manchester United where he began his scoring tally with 84 goals in the Premier League. His game was fine tuned under the tutelage of the leaders on the team and this helped him round out his all around play on the field.


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Next stop was Spain for Real Madrid in La Liga where he reached peak level and netted 311 goals. This is where his potential shined the most with the constant battles versus Messi and Barcelona bringing his talent to the CR7 we all know worldwide.


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His latest endeavor has been for Juventus in Serie A in Italy where 2 goals in his most recent game got him to the 400.

After going through his own scoring drought which for Cristiano Ronaldo is big news, an easy tip into the net sent Allianz Arena into complete bedlum. It hasn’t been for a lack of opportunities or hard work that he had not scored a goal officially for Juventus in his Serie A games but the longer this lasted the more questions would have arisen about his age and if he had possibly lost a step. His scoring could not have come at a better time as Juventus are about to begin the Champions League tournament. He is looking to win his 6th UEFA Champions League title.

He keeps himself in phenomenal shape and will give everything he has on the training field and weight room to try and give himself the opportunity to go as far as he can with his potential.

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