The best way to succeed in life is through hard work and determination. The Brady difference as I like to call it, is what sets him apart from any other QB in the NFL. Brady’s quickly approaching his 42nd birthday in August, but if you didn’t know this you’d think he was in his 30’s.

Brady’s Training like A Mad Man

This is from Tom v Time

The soon to be 42 year old will do anything it takes to improve his game. He’s looking faster and stronger in 2019 which shows his dedication and commitment. His critics will say he doesn’t have a strong arm, one even going as far to call it a wet noodle. Hi Max! Brady took to his Instagram account to fire back at the known troll.

The Caption Brady had on his post read, “He’s gonna fall off a Cliff” along with 🏈 🤔 emojis.

It’s safe to say he’s still using everything negative he’s ever heard as fuel to his fire. The Brady difference at its finest.

Tom Brady’s Leadership is Incredible like usual

After winning a Super Bowl as a 41 year old, Tom is showing everyone what a true leader looks like. Josh Gordon is trying to get back on the field in time for training camp. Brady wanted to make sure he knew the team still has his back and got him to come out and throw the ball around.

“Brady to Gordon”
Hoping to hear that all season
Brady isn’t just having Gordon catching footballs. The two have been going out to dinner and spending time together like true friends.

Gordon isn’t the only player Brady’s been working out with, his pal Edelman has been catching passes with other teammates. Baron Davis was spotted with Brady too, and he’s got great hands according to Tom.

Tom’s not just doing all of these things for fun either. He wouldn’t admit it but he wants the Patriots to break the tie with Pittsburgh for SB wins. Great leaders don’t care about personal achievements. For Brady it doesn’t matter what his stats are as long as the Patriots get the win.

Brady doesn’t pad his stats and will gladly hand the ball off at the 5 yard line. After Brady’s incredible throw to Gronk in the Super Bowl to get to the 5 yard line he did the smart thing and handed it off. Most QBs would want that TD pass, that’s the difference. “The Brady Difference.”