The New England Patriots have prided themselves over two decades with their offense. They obviously have Tom Brady, who is arguably the greatest QB to ever play in the NFL. But coming into the 2019 season, the rest of the offense around Brady has been questioned. This Patriots offense is very underrated and here are the reasons why.

Julian Edelman

If you’re going to start anywhere, it might as well be with Julian Edelman. Edelman is coming off of a Super Bowl MVP performance. He is also nursing a hand injury currently. But none of that should matter! Brady and Edelman have great chemistry between the two of them. “Minitron” has also quietly come up as one of the most reliable receivers in the entire NFL. As long as Edelman is ready to go week one against Pittsburgh, the Patriots offense will continue to move forward.

Phillip Dorsett

With Danny Amendola and Chris Hogan both gone, the role of Phillip Dorsett just got larger. Dorsett had a big role in the AFC Championship game last year, including a big touchdown reception. He did have three touchdown receptions last season, so he can contribute to this offense. With Dorsett on deep routes, it can open up the field for Brady and company during the 2019 season.

Josh Gordon

This is an interesting case to discuss. Josh Gordon had 40 receptions for the Patriots, with three of them being for touchdowns. Gordon helped Tom Brady when the Patriots needed a spark to their offense. However, Gordon is facing suspension from the NFL. He filed for reinstatement the other day, so we’ll see what happens there. If Gordon gets reinstated and back on the field with the Patriots, it makes their offense that much better.

Demaryius Thomas

This is one of the newest members of the Patriots receiving core. The signing itself can be seen as a low risk, high reward type of signing. Demaryius Thomas has hurt the Patriots in the past. So, it is nice to have him alongside Tom Brady for a change. Thomas is coming off a big injury to his Achilles, so the questions are there. But, he was effective for Houston last season with 59 receptions, with five of them being touchdowns. Thomas can be the veteran presence that replaces a Chris Hogan or Danny Amendola. Personally, I can’t wait to see what Thomas brings to the Patriots offense.

Ben Watson

This was a signing that raised a few eyebrows during this past off-season. Ben Watson spent the first six years of his career in New England. So it makes sense that he is essentially ending his career where it all began. Watson is entering his age 39 season, so the question of production is obviously there. Plus, he’s serving a four game suspension for PED violations. He’s not going to replace Rob Gronkowski, that’s obvious. But, he can be a factor that gives you a little bit of what Gronk used to give.

The Patriots have a lot more offensive weapons than people think. Their offense is going to be fine once the chemistry evolves in training camp. The Patriots have a title to defend. So the offense will be extra motivated to run the league. Boy, will this Patriots offense be fun to watch come September!