What cliff is Tom Brady Falling Off Of?

Tom Brady is headed to another AFC Championship. This will be his fourteenth Championship game in his career. All season long Brady has been criticized, from the Max Kellerman’s and Shannon Sharpe’s of the world, that he’s falling off a cliff. Brady’s performance in the playoffs is something we see year after year. People talk about how he’s isn’t good anymore, then he has the game of his life. Brady had probably his best game of the season yesterday. Now the test moves on to Kansas City.

It’s On To Kansas City

With the Chiefs next week, it’s a reminder if the Patriots won against the Dolphins they would be hosting the AFC Championship in Foxborough. Kansas City is tough to beat at home. Can the Patriots go in there and win? The answer is yes, because they have Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. If you don’t have both of those guys I’m not sure the Patriots win next week. Their presence sends a vibe to the team that anything is possible and they can win in any situation. Both Belichick and Brady have been in this position year after year. Belichick will out coach Andy Reid. Tom Brady will have a better game than Patrick Mahomes because of his experience and drive in these games. Brady put it the best after the game “Everyone thinks we suck and can’t win games, we’ll see.”

The Patriots Won’t Lose Next Week

The Patriots play better when everyone doubts them. When everyone say’s Brady isn’t good anymore is when he shuts them up on the field. They do their talking on the field. It’s been that way for 18 years and it will continue to be that way. Without Brady and Belichick they wouldn’t be where they are at right now. They both turn average players into game changers, like Phillip Dorsett and Rex Burkhead. I hope this dynasty lasts five more years. It’s been a fun roller coaster ride.

There is no way Kansas City wins next week. Andy Reid will find a way to blow it. Patrick Mahomes will make a mistake, because he’s a young player who might choke under pressure. Lastly, you’re playing against Belichick and Brady. They aren’t perfect, but perform their best when they are the underdog and everyone doubts them. They are great under pressure. They play for sixty minutes and make sure everyone is on the same page. These are the reasons why the Patriots will be heading to another Super Bowl.